Music to my Ears and Heart

This is a time where I hear you my Angels’ glory. I hear you and it is beautiful. It brings joy to my heart. I never want it to stop. It brings me up to higher level of consciousness. High and higher. It reminds me of your presence. It brings me comfort knowing you’re by my side.  I hear you crystal clear. I hear your message crystal clear. Tell me. I am ready to listen and share. You said “Love thou, Love thy neighbors for it will bring thy glory and blessings. Love thou, Love thy enemies for those who are lost. Love thou, Love thy friends for those who are bring you tears of happiness. Love thou, Love thy blood family for those who brings you love. You see love are what thou are seeking for just like thy neighbors, enemies, friends and families. Love thou, Love thy.”

God Blessings <3


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A Deaf Psychic Medium who craves for a ​deep conversation about spirituality, love, nature, wonders, and the truth.

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