Staying above me

As a developing Psychic Medium, it is naturally to evolve spiritually and make changes in my life that does not serve me for my highest and greatest good. As you go through a transformation, you will learn what is important or what is not important. It can be anything from changing career, friends, family, lover, and life. As one become spiritually stronger, you crave to serve other people or fulfill your life purpose. That might means quitting a dead-end career, giving up on a family member who does not want to change, losing patience with friends who are sucker for petty drama, and breaking up with that loser. Yes, it might seem to be selfish on your part, however, it is with good intention in order to evolve into your true self with inner peace. With the life transition, the road might not be always smooth. It is guaranteed you’ll experience bumps down the road. It’s all part of learning process and tweaking.

Just like what I experienced tonight. I was scrolling down on my Facebook newsfeed and saw a status of an individual whom I’ve lost communication with whether on intention or not. Basically, our communication skills took nosedive. Let’s put it that way. Back to the point, I felt annoyed because yet there you were making time and efforts with your other friends where you told me not too long ago that you did not have time. My emotions were coming up to the surface and I became angry. I was thinking of words what to say when we sit down for a ‘talk.’ Obsessing over that imaginary conversation. I can be obsessive because I am sensitive and an empath. It is something I am working on. “Calm down, calm down,” said my Angels. I told myself “Stay above me! Stay above me! Stay above me!” Within few minutes, I became relaxed and I was not angry anymore. Thankfully, it worked. My Angels reminded me that do not let their insecurities become mine. Yes, you’re right. It is hard not to criticize them but I would be only criticizing myself, too. “Let it go,” I told myself. It is SO not worth of my energy to be angry over nothing. I choose not to allow myself be engorged in my emotions based on a false assumption. You, too, can make your own choices but make sure it is for your highest and greatest good. You are entitled to and rightfully deserves to live your life the way you want it to be, period.

God Blessings <3


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