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Today Angels kept sending me an image of a certain book that I need to read to gain better understanding about Archangels and their healing abilities. I went to a shopping place. As I was walking toward the shopping place from the parking structure, I heard a loud shrill in my right ear at a specific spot between restaurants. I wondered why and who. I shrugged it off as one of symptoms that my gift was expanding. It stopped when I continued to walk. I walked more and went window shopping. As I was leaving to go back to my car, Angels reminded me to look for that book from Barnes & Noble. I looked at the directory to find the exact location of the bookstore but it was out of the way and I was tired. I sighed and thought to myself, “Okay, it’ll be just a quick trip, then I’ll go home.” I took somehow short cut to Barnes & Noble. I was walking toward back to that specific spot where I first heard shrill in my ear. As I was approaching the spot, the shrill came back again. I thought, “That’s it! There’s something going on.” I looked around and thought what could be special that Angels had to get my attention. I saw nothing but restaurants. I was confused. I wished I could understand the message. Anyway, back to the mission, I was making my way toward the bookstore. To my surprise, it was just right around the corner which brought me relief knowing that I didn’t have to walk that far.


Light bulb came on. Angels were trying to get my attention to guide me toward Barnes & Nobles to get that book. It was a loud and clear message that they urged me to read that book. Although, Barnes & Noble did not carry the book I was looking for but I bought two similar books. The point of this was to be sure to pay extra attention what your Angels were trying to tell you. Stay calm and listen.

Oh, and also, having those books were very useful that I had to use it for a client tonight. Ah..I love it when coincidences happen. It showed me a validation that my Angels were always with me and continue to give me my guidance to fulfill my life purpose. Thank you Lord and Archangels for your guidance. Thank you Lord and Archangels for protecting my daughter and me. Amen.

God Blessings <3


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