How Do I Love Thee?

Crafted by luminous artist Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado
Crafted by luminous artist Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado

As soon as I woke up this morning at 8am, I sensed love, romance, and hope in the air. My Angels told me,”It is time to express your love. You know you want to. Do not allow other’s energy have power over your true feelings. You’re feeling it. Those feelings are true.” I checked Doreen Virtue’s Instagram for daily one card reading and her Weekly Oracle cards reading as a part of daily routine in the morning. It turned out we felt the same energy for today. It was a great confirmation that love energy needed to be a focus for today and this week.

Everyday I wake up with a same thought on my mind. Love was a daily thought on my mind. Indeed, it was inspired by a special friend in my life. Ever since I met my special friend, my life was upside down. Actually, ever since I listened to my Spirit Guide to start practice reading oracle cards for people, my life was upside down literally. Basically, I opened a door full of surprises and it was shoved in my face. I dived deeply in the ocean with thousands of magical gems I have not explored yet. It was almost like opening a Pandora’s box but it was full of wonderful and positive spiritual world. It was like a Pandora’s box because we were taught with mentality to be feared of unknown, mysteries, afterlife, religious stigma, and even Lord. Many people feared to touch that mystery box but many were courageous to open it because they do not want to live their life in fear. That’s where love came in. Whoever opened that box had love in their heart because they could feel God’s love for them. They loved themselves so much that they want to serve God and their brothers and sisters.

Just like I had love in my heart that I wanted to be a better and spiritually stronger woman. That’s how I discovered my gift for communicating with spirits with love in my heart. Although, I instinctively knew I had it for years since I was a little girl but I couldn’t figure out how or what. I didn’t understand it back then but I knew I was different than ‘normal.’ The more I was doing reading for my clients, the more I felt closer to God because I realized I discovered there’s something more than just this life. There was a hidden magical castle that not many were courageous to find or feel less worthy to find it. Many feared of love because some were hurt from a relationship or some does not feel they deserve it due to society, media, lack of parental figure, misfortunes, tragic, and many endless reasons. I do not want to say love hurts because when one experience the magnificent love energy, they thrived on it but when they lost it, they felt hurt. You see love does not hurt but one want to feel love again. Love is a powerful energy and quite addictive. Romance and love interests are on everyone’s list of things to do. Every single person on the earth want love and want to be in a relationship.  Everyone rightfully deserves love regardless.

However, how do you find a love of your life? Start with loving yourself and love for God. Show the Universe that you love yourself and your loving relationship with God, the Universe will echo it back to you with love. Just like when I listened to my Spirit Guide to buy my first oracle card deck. I bought that deck because I believed that I was somebody that can change world. Love was in my heart when I bought that deck. Love was in my heart when I joined a spiritual group on Facebook to find like-minded friends. Love was in my heart when I offered free readings to fine-tune my ability to communicate with spirits. Guess what happened the next? Love heard me and my heart. It was an unexpected happenstance. Truthfully, I was scared of it. I even ran away not once but twice. I cannot ignore it because it was my echo to love I had in my heart. Slowly opening my heart to love but I asked, “How do I love thee?”

God Blessings <3


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