The Call is For You

Crafted by luminous artist Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado
“The Moment Chaos Stopped” Crafted by luminous artist Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado

I cannot ignore the feeling. I cannot ignore the call that has been calling me for months now. I heard you. I understand it is my purpose calling me from God. Tell me how to find it. Dear Angels please guide me and show me the light to the path to follow. “Love is near you. Love is at the middle of the path. Love is waiting for you there. You must be brave to go toward it. Don’t worry my dear. You are already protected. Go there. They’re waiting for you. I will be by your side, walking with you.” said my Archangels. They’re also telling me that I need to clean up and declutter my life. You cannot live your life with obligation. You mustn’t follow through your obligation just to live. That’s not the love way. You must follow your heart. It is the way to love. Live your life with love in your heart. Obliged to walk a path will only bring you guilt, sorrows, loneliness, hopelessness, and loveless. No, dear, you are not to explain the reasoning behind your heart’s desire to follow love. Yes, anger and despair will follow after you make a decision to choose a different path than them, however, it is for only temporary. Eventually, they will forget it because love is powerful and conquer anger. They will understand and will continue to love you for your bravery to listen to love in your heart. As you struggle not to look back, you continue to look forward to love in the middle of the road. As you take first few steps, you’re feeling lighter and lighter. With each step you take, you release obligation, stress, worries, tensions, sadness, loneliness and now you’re completely free of hurt. Step by step, you find it’s more easier and enjoyable to walk. Love is growing closer and closer. You build a smile from ear to ear with bright sparkling light in your eyes that is no longer dull from the life you left behind. Now you are able to exclaim in delight and joyful. Love is stronger than ever and quite overwhelming. You now live your life with LOVE.

God Blessings <3

Sometimes the people around you won’t understand your journey. They don’t need to. It’s not for them. -unknown


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