Psychic Child

Crafted by luminous artist Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado
Crafted by luminous artist Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado

As young as 7-8 years old girl, I used to have play dates with a neighbor across from my house. First time I walked in their house, I had chills all over my body but it was under my skin. It was most weird feeling. I thought there were something wrong with me. I thought I wasn’t normal. I had the chills every single time I walked in my friend’s house. I didn’t understand why back then. I never told anyone about the chills feelings I had. I didn’t tell because I assumed everyone have the same feelings. I shrugged it off.

Fast forward to present at 31 years old, only merely few months ago, I finally discovered that there was a reason why I had those ‘unusual’ feelings. It was confirmed by a seasoned Psychic Medium that I was a messenger. I was also told that I could feel and communicate with spirits. As you can imagine that it was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Finally, there was a reason why I experienced those out-of-body feelings I had all my life. For 24 years, I never knew I had the ability of seeing beyond the walls, however, I instinctively knew I had something going on that was beyond ‘normalcy.’ I just couldn’t put a finger on it. It took me years because I have friends who were Psychics and Clairvoyants. Their gifts were advanced and sort of intimidating. I never thought I would have that kind of gift or as advanced as they were. That increased a higher dose of anxiety in me. That was one of many reasons why I discovered my gift years later.

Frequent times where I have conversations with friends or random people, I swore I could see through them because when they were saying something about such situation they were going through, I would give them my two cents but they rejected it. I was confused because I thought I saw something differently. I never knew that was my ability of seeing through their lives. I thought I was crazy and weird. Growing up I was always labeled as a bitch, weird, crazy, serious, too quiet, nosy, and shy. Now that I was conscious of my feelings, emotions, and thoughts, I finally understood that I was labeled those names simply because I was an empath and highly sensitive. Back then, I was able to pick up on people’s energies without realizing it.

When my Psychic friend told me that I had a gift of passing on messages, I literally pressed on the rewind button to make a quick review of my life growing up and everything suddenly made sense. The light bulb turned on. As I looked back, I realized that I wasn’t weird or a bitch like everyone said. Yes, I am a serious and private person. That’s my protection. I put up walls because I have trust issues due to relationships I had. I also have trust issues because I could see through people. Let’s say I have a bullshit detector.  I made quick decisions to release people who were no longer serving me for my highest good. That might sounds harsh to other but you see as a Psychic Medium or sensitive or an empath, you only want to serve God and serve people for their highest and greatest good. Yes, those people came in our lives for a reason. As soon as you recognize that those people will not help you fulfill your desires, purpose, or bring you joy, you will walk away from them toward supportive people who wants to inspire you, challenge you, motivate you and love you for who you are.

When I discovered that I had a gift of passing on messages, I did not know what to do or how to use my gift. I prayed for guidance. I was told to share my gift with other people. I set up a Facebook page to share daily general card reading. Truthfully, it was hard at first because I couldn’t deliver what I promised to share reading everyday. Doing readings can suck energy right out of you. I was building a stamina to tolerate intense energy doing frequent readings. The more I was doing readings, the more it was easier to do it everyday. I now look forward to sharing my gift everyday. However, doing a Facebook page wasn’t enough because I was not writing from my heart and soul. I’ve always loved writing for years. I wrote in my journal on and off for years. I was told someday that I would write a book. I don’t know how and when but I hope I will do one to share my knowledge and my gift. Few months before I bought my first cards deck, I wrote in my journal about new goals. One of them was write a book. Ha! Angels definitely heard me and my heart’s desires. Only few weeks ago, I was pushed to create my own blog where I can pour my feelings and allow what my feelings write for me. Like I said I don’t know how or when will I write a book but writing in my blog is the first step.

Along the journey of discovering my true self, I learned that our intuition was powerful tool to use because it was always on the point.The more you listen to your intuition and guidance, the more you will be lead right to the pathway of love, purpose, destiny, and fate. As I listened to my Spirit Guides for guidance, I found many hidden magical gems around me. New beautiful spiritual friends started to flock to me. Newfound love for God made our relationship stronger. Optimism cannot be flayed. Increased faith in myself and my ability of seeing, hearing, feeling, and knowing the spirits have to share with us.

God Blessings <3

Your intuition is a muscle. To develop it, you must listen.- Phil Good


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A Deaf Psychic Medium who craves for a ​deep conversation about spirituality, love, nature, wonders, and the truth.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing! You have come a long way. Cannot wait to see what more good things life has in store for you. And its weird you wanted to write a book. I did too! Just am afraid of who to trust with publishing.

  2. I am so happy your sharing your beautiful talents! Glad I am part of your evolving journey!
    Love your inspiring messages!

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