Spiritual Evolution (Revised)


Nothing is absolute. Everything changes, everything moves, everything revolves, everything flies and goes away. -Frida Kahlo

Evolution is a natural process. As hard as it is to go through a major life change but it is inevitable. It’s not my intention to scare you or that there’s something bad coming but it can be wonderful. It is up to you about how you perceive it. If you look at a life transition as a positive change, which it is, then you’ll navigate through life like an experienced spiritual warrior.

When one became conscious and discovers that there is more to life than what we were taught by our parents, society, friends, and media. Consciously, we separated ourselves from that learned life. Separation is not necessarily a bad thing. It is more like a conscious choice to not to live our lives through other people but through our soul essence. It is about choosing to be aware of what our soul is telling us. Upon making the choice, we naturally go through a spiritual evolution.

In a spiritual journey, you will be constantly learning and craving for the truth. Finding like-minded people are also important as you go through a confusing journey because they will support you in your spiritual evolution. Think of them as your cheerleaders rooting for you from the sidelines. Many of them could be your business partner, friend, family, mentor, and/or a potential romantic partner.

I will say this as I am going through a great journey as a lightworker. It is very important to me that my next romantic partner have a similar spiritual belief and support me as a Psychic Medium.

I will say this as I am going through an exhausting but amazing journey as a lightworker.  I cannot emphasize how important it is to have a partner supporting me as a lightworker because it is my whole life. If my next partner is a lightworker just like me, that is even better! As you go and learn about what’s making you happy, you will learn that finding people who understand, accept and love you as a spiritual being is an utmost necessity in your spiritual journey.

As you go through a transition, you will lose people who used to be a major part of your life. Losses are a necessary part of the spiritual transformation. Yes, it is heartbreaking to see them go but they were placed in our lives for a reason.  They were there to teach us a lesson, help us grow and lead us to a different path but the time was up.

Our needs, desires, and purposes had been met and fulfilled. It was time to move on. Have no fear because there is indeed a better plan, beautiful spiritual friends, an amazing love partner, and a grand journey. Perhaps it was not your choice but your soul chooses to evolve for a reason.

Off the point, but I cannot help thinking about the quote as seen above inspired by the infamous surrealist artist Frida Kahlo. She was a brilliant artist who expressed her soul through her arts. Yes, she had multiple health problems but she continued to live through her arts.

Painting helped to alleviate Frida’s pain. Frida’s marriage to Diego Rivera was controversial but no one really knew or understood why Frida was attracted to him. Frida was simply a spiritual being seeking for love like everyone else.

Frida and Diego lived, breathed, and loved art. They understood each other through art. That was their love expression to each other. More than three years ago, I made a trip to Mexico City where Frida used to live until her death.

I went to her Blue House museum. It was exquisite. I could feel the enormous love energy surrounding her arts. Sure, Frida’s life choices were questionable and controversial but who were we to judge her and her choices because that was her life. Frida choose that lifestyle for a reason. Whatever that might be, it was a part of her spiritual evolution.

Nothing is absolute but it does not have to be scary. Changes can be wonderful if you can embrace it like you embrace love. Allow love to inspires you to evolve.

-Mina <3


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  1. Beautifully written. I love that how we express our soul or sure for it may be different from another, and that’s ok. Definitely has given me food for thought.

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