Emotional Healing

Sketched by glorious artist Ed P http://www.spiritualartblog.com/ed_p_artist_with_spirit/2013/04/growth-in-consciousness.html
Sketched by glorious artist Ed P

As one go through a spiritual growth, a lot of emotions, feelings, and fears will come up to the surface. It is all part of the process. As one bravely let go of fear for showing true self, another emotion will come up and release. It is like peeling many layers of an onion. One layer peeled off as you faced your fear and the emotion accompanied with the fear now has healed. The more layers you take off, the more emotional healing you will experience.

Emotional healing not only affect emotions but physically, too. There were many symptoms but not limited to headache, fatigue, heaviness, sleepiness, change in appetite, strong craving, and many more. For instance, the past few months, I had strange strong sweet craving like I need it every single day. Perhaps twice or thrice a day. It was bad that I gained weight. Oh, yes, weight gain was also one major symptom of emotional healing. I didn’t even realize I was stuffing my fears in. Actually, the fears were coming up to the surface. Sweet craving was one of the ways of dealing with it. As I learned about the healing that goes with spiritually growth, I allowed myself to feel those feelings. It was very hard. I was told by my Spirit Guides that those feelings were only temporary. My bad habit almost made me run back to that sweet chocolate chip muffin. Instead, I talked with my Spirit Guide about it and allowed it to seep out of me. They helped me realize what I was scared about and why. As soon as I recognized the issue, the physical pain went away.

You can also write down what you were feeling about. Allow your feelings write for you. Your Spirit Guides will help put in words for you. Writing can be very cathartic. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the words or grammar wasn’t good as long as you get it out of your system. Talking it out is also very helpful. Share your feelings with someone who you trust and will not judge you can help change your perspective on your subjective thoughts. I was told that creative outlet was a wonderful tool to get those fears out. There are many ways to face your fears but please remember that any way you can get it out is a great start of growing spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically stronger.

Sometimes, the headaches, fatigue and physical aches does not go away for days. I asked myself what am I holding it in and what am I learning from this. I often turn to essential oils to alleviate discomfort. Essential oils are great natural remedies. I absolutely love using it when I am emotional. It helped weeding out the emotional to the surface but I must do the emotional work to get it completely out of my system. Just like you need to water the soil to soften the soil because it is much easier to pull the weeds out but you need to physically rake it out. I meant, yeah sure, that chocolate cake can make you feel better or drinking alcohol could help you feel relaxed or whatever you’re putting in your body could only help put those feelings aside but for temporarily. As you’re coming off from those chemical high, you realize that you still have that feelings. It just does not go away until you talk with your feelings. Think of it as your inner child. Having a talk with your inner child help it grow and grow each time as you let go of those frustration, abandonment, loneliness, anger, abuse, fears and vice versa.

Writing, painting, photography, running, talking, any whatsoever form of pouring those feelings out to the Universe to let them know that you are aware and ready to say goodbye to your ego. Congratulation, Angels said, for allowing yourself to feel. It is an act of courageous and bravery for allowing your true self shine.

God Blessings <3

Sometimes you can hurt yourself more than anyone can hurt you just by keeping all your feelings hidden. -The Unbounded Spirit


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