Strength in Solitude


Most often I’ve meet people who are afraid or do not want to be alone. I thought to myself what can go wrong if you’re by yourself? Perhaps one want and need companionship to feel a sense of belonging or familiarity or probably they are scared to be alone with their thoughts. Many see aloneness in negative fashion because it meant being a single is a pathetic way to live or it means its weird to be by yourself. What is really aloneness? It might means doing things on your own. Not having friends or no one call you up for a dinner meant aloneness. Having a love partner define your living and dispel aloneness. There are endless definitions of aloneness depending how you look at it.

Angels suggested to me to write about solitude. This past month I have not work because I work in a school setting. I go to work when school is in session, however, I have a whole month off from work. Boy, being by yourself with your thoughts running through your mind is difficult. It is also difficult watching your friends doing an activity together where they did not include me. I kept thinking many different reasons why they do not include me. I became angry and hurt. I was also angry because a friend told me they were busy and would try to get together when their schedule permitted it. However, I see their pictures on Facebook or other social media, they included another friend in the same circle at a beach. I thought to myself, “how rude! how dare you say you don’t have time but yet you’re making efforts to include your other friends.” Thousands of terrible things ran through my mind as you can imagine. I found myself thinking such negative thoughts. I also feel myself stressed over really nothing. Why am I wasting my energy based on assumptions? As soon as I realized what I was doing, I took few steps back and I talked with my Spirit Guides about this. My Spirit Guides said, “Use the time to focus on yourself. Take advantage of this opportunity to find your strength in solitude. See this as an opportunity to build yourself to be a stronger and better woman.” I actually got excited and was grateful for the opportunity to grow. Suddenly, I do not feel angry, hurt, or stress because I realized that that was my friend’s choice not to include me. They will have to deal with the consequences for not including me. It doesn’t matter why because I find relief in solitude. I actually feel stronger in terms of spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. I do not allow solitude define me. I define solitude.

Although, being alone might suck to you but what are you doing about it? Are you blaming your friends, family, coworkers, boss, anyone for your aloneness? Are you actively taking a part of inviting your friends into your life? No one is blame but YOU. If you want companionship, you have to ask people who you enjoy their company. If you want go to a beach, plan one and invite everyone. If you want to talk, call a person who you trust. Whatever the activity you want to do, take the first initiative and invite your trusted companion into your life. Who know you might meet your love partner through someone else? Who know you might find a job opportunity through someone else? Who know you might find a place to live through someone else? Possibilities happen when you are open and allow people into your life. Sharing your life with others and you are no longer alone. Simply that. You are never alone. Angels, fairies, Spirit Guides, and God are always by your side.  They drop variety of things to show you that you’re not alone. Coins, feathers, butterflies, bugs, numbers, names, and many more are few examples from Angels and fairies. I love it when I find feathers and coins. I know I am not alone. I know I have support group behind me and encouraging me to be a better person.

You see being alone isn’t too bad after all. Yes, it is uncomfortable feeling to be by yourself but you can change that. Only you have the power to change your life. There is an indeed power in solitude. Solitude provide your emotions a shelter where you can retreat and work on it. It is also a great opportunity to talk with your Angels. Finding your sense of self occurs in solitude. Years ago when I was at the beginning stage of spiritual awakening, I learned a great lesson about solitude. If you can stand to be alone, you can and will get through anything in life. Period. That lesson gave me my strength. I absolutely enjoy going to a restaurant by myself. I even love going to movie theater by myself. Weird you might say but I love it because I don’t have to worry about compromising on seats or be interrupted while watching the movie. There are great advantages of going at it by yourself. I choose to look at aloneness in a positive way because I want to live my life in peace. I learned many great things about myself in solitude. I found my strength in solitude.

God Blessings <3

In solitude the mind gains the strength and learns to lean upon itself. -Laurence Sterne


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