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I was walking on a cobblestone road, passing by stone buildings. I was wearing a long, white flowy dress with long sleeves. It was partly cloudy and sunny in the early evening. Breeze hit my cheeks softly. I was carrying a weaved basket with fruits. I carried it on my left hip. My hair was beautifully done in braids around my heads. I tightened it with a baby blue ribbon. Women were seen everywhere. They were always carrying something. There’s always small children following them. Men were mostly merchants behind their markets. Some were swordsman. Some were leading cows and a herder of farm animals. Men carried important roles while women did not. It was an ancient Roman period. I could sense and see romance, orgy, arts, festive, and noble men riding on groomed horses, galloping around the town. I continued to walk by them. Nearby at a door, I saw a woman with a loose dress that seemed to be falling off and about to expose her bosom. She was flirting with a man who reeked of stench and alcohol.  Women were demoted, inferior, minority, child-bearing, and insignificant for being a woman. They are still to this present day.

We are still fighting to be recognized as significant in this life. We are still fighting that we, too, have important roles just like men. Many failed to appreciate women for their contribution to our soul evolution. Many women failed to see they played a major part in developing the civilization on Earth. Women often turned to alcohol, drugs, and sex to feel ‘validated.’ They chased those chemical high and lust to feel a sense of importance. Women thought they deserved maltreatment and be ignored for being a woman. They also thought it was a normal part of life. Women accepted that they were inferior to men. Millions of women were pushed away, put aside, beaten up, demoted, and forgotten. Yes, women were forgotten for their purpose on Earth and in life. Not many truly appreciate and honor women. They failed to recognize that women were indeed our key to our spiritual growth. Women were made to be emotional, mother, nurturer, and lover in order to teach us about our emotional needs, wants, and desires. Connecting with our emotions is the pathway of enlightenment. Being emotional help bring out our soul.

Many women from the past created path for us modern women. Many women fought to be heard and be given the same rights as men. As one door open, another one opened for us. A door opened in order for another woman from an another lifetime to open more doors for women. More and more doors being open to push against the ignorance, inferiority, and closed minds. Women from our ancestors opened doors to wake us up. To wake everyone’s consciousness. They were the true and original lightworkers. Those women lost themselves in chasing high after high, in meaningless sex, in ‘man’s world, in ignorance, in closed-minded, and lost hope in faith but not anymore we, the women, need to remember our roles on the Earth. We, the women, are lover, emotional, mother, nurturer, teacher, and lightworker. We need to remember that we are as important as men. Yes, men are emotionally immature and lost in their sexual desires. That’s why we need each other to teach one another for our spiritual growth. Men needs us to nurture and love them. We need them to protect us. Regardless, women and men are meant to live, grow and cohabit for our soul purpose.

Just like the Angel tattooed female smoking a cigarette in the picture. Yes, she is smoking but that was her rebellion and protection against men. She want to project that she’s a tough chick and nonconformist. She want to be different. She does not want to fall in the same category as ‘inferior’ women. Hence, her rebellion by abusing chemical high. Actually, that was her cry for help and love. Deeply inside she does not want to be seen different but important and unique just like everyone else. Everyone is one of a kind. There’s no one like other. That’s the beauty of it. So many different beautiful souls to learn and taught for our soul revolution. Shine on, allow your soul shine, shine on.

God Blessings,

Mina <3

Women are emotional in order to feel the divine energy at the highest levels and be supreme healers and lovers and mothers. Not to drive men insane. Her deep spiritual connection to feelings is to inspire men to his spiritual heights as well. She is an oracle. -Raja Khan


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  1. Definitely true. It is hard for us women to rember we have value beyond our bodies. I do agree that people are starting to wake up.

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