I See Through You

Crafted by luminous artist Jenayen http://jenayen.deviantart.com/art/I-see-through-You-154323471
Crafted by luminous artist Jenayen

Growing up, I was told so many times that I was too blunt. Too blunt that cut deep. “You might want to change around your words to make it gentle but still the same.” said many friends of mine. I HONESTLY do not know how or what words should I use when I was telling the truth. I am dead serious I do not know any other way to get my words across. I just speak it like it is. Words came to my mind and I told it word by word. When my friend told me that I should consider my words more carefully, I was baflled because how the fuck do I change it? I might not have the same skills as my friend who was great at getting her point across using gentle words. We might tell the truth differently but the essence of the truth was the SAME. For years, I felt stupid and terrible for being so “blunt.” I seriously thought I was a cold bitch or came off as a bitch. Well, yes, I am a bitch but a bitch with guts to tell you the truth. I tell you the truth because I CARE about you and I wanted the BEST for you. It came from a place of LOVE. Simple as that.

Today I received an amazing reading from a Psychic and Angel Channeler that solved the puzzle for my bluntness. I discovered that I was an Indigo, Starseed, Mystic Angel, and an Earth Angel. I immediately googled those terms up. I was reading about the characteristics of a Starseed. I was astonished at the many similar traits I had! Too blunt was one of the traits. I felt RELIEVED. Now I no longer feel stupid. I now understood the purpose behind my pure truthiness. I was to tell the truth to wake up people’s consciousness. That’s it. That’s my main purpose of telling you the truth because I want to wake you up and I want you to evolve for the best and to your highest potential. That has always been my intention. I had great intentions when I was telling the truth.

Bullshit detector was also another trait of a Starseed. My bullshit detector was badass. It helped me shield myself from people who were up to no good. My detector also helped get my point across. Often times, people were astonished at how I was able to look through them. I did not realize I had the ability of seeing through their soul back then but now I understand.  I did not understand why I had an urge to tell the truth. I am a terrible liar. That’s not my thing. Being blunt was me. I felt very comfortable telling the truth. It is the core of my essence. After all, I am a truth seeker.

God Blessings,

Mina <3

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. -George Orwell, An American Novelist


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