Crafted by brilliant artist Bryon Tik
Crafted by brilliant artist Bryon Tik

What’s our sense of purpose if we choose to stay in the same place? What’s the point of staying in the comfort zone? What will you benefit or gain from it? Absolutely nothing but same results. It’s like torturing yourself in the same cycle again and again. Round and round. Doing the same thing and expecting a different result each time. Well, wake up! Nothing is happening. Nothing good will come out of being in a little bubble of comfort zone. Come on, you know you can do better than that. You well know you are worthy of everything.

HOWEVER, that is easier said than done. It take a whole of balls and guts to face yourself and push yourself out of that little depressing bubble. Why is it so difficult to do that? As I look back on my spiritual journey, it was hard to get out of my comfort zone because I didn’t think I would get acceptance for who I truly am. I was seeking for approval and confirmation from friends, family, and co-workers. I actually wanted them to LIKE me. I know that sounded absurd but its true. I used to waste my energy worrying about what other think about me. It was draining me like a bitch. Stress and anxiety go through the roof. On the top of it, my close friends seemed to be confident and/or brilliant. I did not think I was either. Of course I got jealous about how confident they were in themselves and how much knowledge they have. I fucking wish I had that similar level of knowledge and understanding of the world. As a result, I took two steps back into my little bubble. I have always a huge problem of allowing other people take my power away but I think I definitely gave it away. That was a primary reason why I have anxiety issues.

That was not only thing that put me back in my bubble. I did not realize I was picking up on other people’s energies. I always had an armor on, shielding myself from lower energies. Recently I was reading more about the traits of an Indigo, I learned that people felt uncomfortable when an Indigo individual was looking at them but only because they could sensed that Indigo was looking through their soul. I thought FUCK that’s it! Actually, I laughed because now I know I wasn’t a weirdo and that there was an explanation about why I seemed to make people feel uncomfortable. The more I read and uncovered my true self, the more I feel confident and become comfortable with who I am. I would be lying if I do not care about what other people think about me anymore but I do not allow it dictates my happiness. I choose to ignore it. I choose to love myself for who I am. I choose to move forward. Stepping out of the little bubble with confidence. It is not important to master it but continue to practice staying positive every single day. I also choose to stay above myself.

That’s when I ascend to a higher level of soul evolution. Each time you accept the challenge and find an underlying lesson within it, you move on a higher level of self. Ascending to the highest potential of self is a truly lesson on the Earth. Many people fail to realize that they always have it inside of them. Always. All you have to do is to look at yourself in the mirror. Truly look at yourself for few moments. Gaze yourself in the eyes. You’ll see your soul. You might feel emotions coming up to the surface. Allow them out. It is actually good thing it’s coming out because it’s a sign that you’re ready to face yourself. Facing yourself is a step away from ascension. The more you face yourself, the more ascension you will experience. Ascending to a higher and higher level of soul evolution is the main goal here.

God Blessings,

Mina <3

I soar on the wonderful wings of a dream. -Domine (icarus Ascending)


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