I had a most wonderful reading and conversation with a Psychic/dear friend of mine few nights ago about my anxiety issues. She pointed it out that my gift as a Psychic Medium was so strong that I didn’t realize I was picking up so much. The more I think about it, the more it made sense. Perhaps that’s what was causing me my anxiety issues because perhaps I am scared of myself about how powerful I am. My raw natural gift of communicating with Spirits are so strong that I did not realize that I always had it for so long as young as 7 years old. I never had formal training. I find it funny because I didn’t think you could get ‘formal’ training to master the skill of communicating with Spirits. It never came across on my mind. I have always thought it was something within you and you practice on it. I did not realize I was always practicing it for so long. I always seemed to be sensing people’s energies and their thoughts. I just did not understand it. I thought it was a natural thing. It was not natural but a supernatural.

Ever since I opened my first card deck in early April of this year, my consciousness had open up quickly and absorbed so much. There are many levels of consciousness where you complete each level and you move on a higher level above it. “It’s like a puzzle piece that allows you to tap into the natural life force energy,” said my Psychic friend. THAT’S IT. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing. Tapping into the natural life force energy to open up my consciousness and build a relationship with the Universe and the Creator. It is always within me. I always had the key to the door of energy. As I open the door, another door open I run toward that door. It allowed me to go through more doors to find the energy for my soul and to evolve spiritually. It also showed me how to use the energy to see through the nature, wonders, Spirits, and truth around us. I am starting to see things and understand how things work. I see millions of hidden gems around us that guide us to tap into the natural life force energy. The more doors I open, the more I am getting closer to the light, the Holy Light of Spirit.

Not many people have the same courage as I had to face myself and believe that I have the key to the truth. Of course, ego fears came out to play and brought their sidekick jealousy when they see me evolving spiritually quickly and that I could see things that they couldn’t comprehend to begin with. Perhaps jealously came out because they were not working toward the light. The emotion of jealous is so powerful that it put wool over their eyes that they wouldn’t see the love in my work toward the light. It is powerful that they took steps back and turned away from me. The more I think about it, the more I understand and accept that losses are natural process when you grow to be a better person. I accept the losses because it encourages me to find like-minded and high vibration spiritually people that will help me further toward the light.

My Psychic friend said, “It’s a lonely road as far as peers for you. That’s ok. There are only a few unicorns! You’re a unicorn.” To be honest, the symbolism of unicorn is still a mystery to me. I really do not understand why there were so much hype about unicorn. I’ve seen it used often in mythology or folklore tales. I immediately googled it up. I found one meaning of the unicorn and it made perfectly sense to me:

“Unicorn is a symbol of magic, miracles, purify, and enhancement. Unicorn appears to rare few and has the ability to bestow magic, miracles, and wisdom to those who are pure of heart and virtuous to those deeds.” -A Seeker’s Thoughts Website.

After that conversation, I’ve seen the signs of unicorn twice. Today I pulled a card from Indigo Angel Oracle Cards to share message from the Angels for my spirit friends on my Facebook page. Guess what was on the card? Bingo, the unicorn was on it. It said, “You are Understood.” I understood what my Angels were saying. For years, I never felt understood and always felt like an outcast. I was often labeled as a weird, bitch, crazy, and among other terms. Always feeling out of place and on a different level from my peers. I often felt anxiety primarily based off what other people think of me. I was always struggling to uncover my true self. I was always seeking for acceptance for who I am but now I understand myself better. I don’t need acceptance. I now accept my gift as a Lightworker. That was my God’s sent gift. I humbly and blessed to accept this beautiful gift. I shall serve God and my brothers and sisters by sharing my gift of communicating with the Spirits. Perhaps I should have been an unicorn.

God Blessings,

Mina <3


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