Day 3: Keep Moving

Self-Portrait "Strength is my weapon"
Self-Portrait “Strength is my weapon”

I woke up with aches on the top of my head. I was expecting it as my body was going through a change. I took a 5 minutes meditation before going to work. I was laying on the floor in my room and began to meditate. I pray upon Archangel Raphael to heal me and remove heaviness from my head. I prayed upon Archangel Michael and other Archangels to heal me and shield me from lower energies. I am at peace and joy attracts to me. As soon as I prayed, I saw bright white light in my closed eyes in my third chakra. They were healing me. Thank you, Archangels.

I felt refreshed afterward. Aches doesn’t dictates my inner peace. I choose to keep it away and believe that they didn’t exist. I was feeling a bit of “badass chick” this morning but I was running late to work a bit. It was not like me to be late. I HATE to be late. I’ve been working very hard on myself to be on the time to work for a long time now. I was very good at it lately but now this week, I was just drained and almost defeated. Perhaps it was due to Super Moon/Lunar Eclipse but whatever it was, I knew I still have healing to do. While driving to work, I kept telling myself, “You got this, girl! You got this, girl! You got this easy.” Perhaps it felt a bit awkward saying it but it worked! Telling yourself and myself positive affirmations daily actually worked!

As I go through the day, I could feel energies around me and my own energy. There were few fleeting moments where I felt drained but I brushed it off and got back on high road. I was literally surfing the waves of emotions, energies, and life. When I got home from work,  I decided that my daughter and I were due for a walk with trees. We stopped to grab foods first before going on our walk. There were a small wilderness park nearby. We got onto the trail. My daughter and I were surrounded by tress. It smelled Divine! Oak trees, pine cones, leaves, and musky aroma! It brought me fond memories where I used to camp as a young girl. I breathed it in and out. I savored the aroma of nature.

Truthfully, my mind wandered off for some time while walking. I was trying not to fret. While walking, I heard my Angels telling me that it is not important to master it but keep practicing it. I thought what am I practicing? Staying positive was something that we need to practice daily. After the walk, I also heard from my Angels that taking it easy with my spiritually based career was the best way to go. Spending every moment checking my Facebook page can be quite energy consuming and I forgot to take a breather. Angels were telling me to have fun with it and share messages as much as I can. “Just enjoy the ride and believe in it is all you need,” my Angels just told me right now. I also heard, “Keep moving. As each day come, keep moving regardless of mood you woke up with. Keep moving with faith and love within you.”

Mina <3

You don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward. -unknown


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