Day 4: Surfing the Waves of Negativity

Staying Above the Water
“Staying Above the Water”

Today was an intense day. I could feel negativity right and left everywhere. It was throwing a curveball at me and I ducked it so many times today. At work, a co-worker was bitching about another co-worker for speaking to her in a condescending way. I almost dived in the small pool of negativity with her. I simply diffused it by saying that, “she does the same thing to me and everyone else. You’re not only one.” My pissed off co-worker continued to rant. I nodded in agreement and showed her my empathy. A bit later in the morning,  I was asked a weird question by another co-worker. “Are you pregnant?” My immediate thought, “Fuck does it really show?? Could you tell that I’ve been eating too much of double chocolate muffins?!” I looked down at my stomach and showed it to her. “I don’t think I have a pregnancy belly.” I was almost insulted but I stopped myself and asked for clarification. Apparently, there’s a rumor that one of the staff is pregnant. Ah! Rumors! That’s whole another story.

Wow.. I could feel everyone’s bitterness and draining energy. “Stay above, stay above it,” I told myself. I could feel the intense energy coming in and out. To make thing worse, I lost my debit card. Yup. I bought an Açaí bowl on my lunch break and I put my debit card in the back pocket of my pant. BAD IDEA. I was sitting and eating my bowl but I looked at the time and realized I was late to get back to work. I scurried back to my car with bowl in my hand, phone in another hand, and then somehow my car keys were on the top of one hand. I put my phone in my back pocket but I changed my mind because I did not want to lose my debit card so I took it out. It must have fallen out of my pocket right there. Ahh… that’s not worse thing, my car was running very low on gas. AH! I don’t have any cash and/or debit card to get gas for my car. My daughter had a swim lesson today. I was out of debit card, cash, gas, and pride. Great. No problem at all. Debit card can be easily replaced. I drove my car to bank on dangerously low gas. I prayed upon Archangel Michael to protect my car. I begged him to please, please protect my car. Panic was seeping in. I could feel my sweats leaking out. I got my replacement debit card. Thankfully, there was a nearby gas station. Seeing a full tank of gas never brought much relief I needed. Haha!

Today was a weird day but I stayed positive and prayed. It was extremely helpful to get through the day. My daughter and I got to her swim lesson. We got into the pool. It never felt quite refreshing and relief. It had calming effects on me that I giggled and smiled. Surfing the waves of negativity was basically what I did today. I ducked the negative seaweeds. I kept surfing. I kept practicing staying above the water of emotions, and feelings. Sometimes, I fell off the surfboard but I get right back up on it right away. Positivity and prayers help me get back up. Seeing the angelic dolphins inspire me to stand strongly on my surfboard. Practice makes perfection just like any professional surfer couldn’t get to their high level of skill for beating the waves without practicing at surfing daily.

Mina <3

The first step to positivity is ceasing worry over things you cannot change. -unknown


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  1. Been experiencing intense negativity and worry too the past week. Not sure if its only Mercury Retrograde or something else. But your blogs help a lot to know we’re not alone-can get through it. Thanks for sharing!

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