Day 7: Angelic Friendships

Self-Portrait "Blessed"
Self-Portrait “Blessed”

I have never cherished my friends like before. During my spiritual journey, I discovered who were my friends and who weren’t my friends. As you evolved to be spiritually strong, you lost friends. It was hard to understand but I now understand it was a natural process as one go through a spiritual transformation. I often questioned myself whether am I a good friend or not. I often beat myself up for not trying hard or trying too hard. Either way, I learned that friends share responsibilities. Friends were meant to be sharing feelings, communicating, supporting, caring, loving, and most important of all, making time to be there for one another.  Yes, life can take friends apart or pulled into different direction. Whatever the reason was, let it go  and go with the flow. However, if the friend was always there and making efforts, you know that’s a keeper and meant to be in your life to fulfill your needs and purpose in this life.

I had a conversation with a long time friend today. He mentioned about how quick my response was to his text. I was a bit confused because I thought that’s what friends supposed to do. Good friends make time to respond and show respect for their time. I’ve always been good at responding to emails, texts, and etc. I have highly respect for my friend’s time. I care about my friends. I cared about their feelings. Perhaps it came as an empath but regardless, friends were meant to share responsibilities just like any romantic relationship.

In one instance with another long time friend of mine, she was going through a quick life transition and was drowning in earthly responsibilities. I tried my very best to be understanding and respectful of her lifestyle change. However, I often find myself frustrated for not being respected. I kept asking and reminding her to keep open line of communication with me. I never ask and/or expect anything out of our friendship but RESPECT and COMMUNICATION. I often told my friend that I needed communication from her but nothing more than that. It wasn’t hard to do. It was necessary to maintain relationships. My friend does not maintain it and/or make efforts to communicate. She kept making excuses saying she’s on life fast track. Absolutely I do understand shit happens but it doesn’t mean she can just disregard my feelings. Especially when she said she does not have time but I kept seeing her making efforts with mutual friends and excluded me from gatherings. I confronted her about that and her response was, “it was a last-minute thing.” REALLY?! You can see why I felt very frustrated. I took a step back and take another look at our friendship. I realized that I was fighting for our friendship but she wasn’t. I asked myself, “was it worth to keep fighting for it if she’s not making efforts?” Perhaps not. I also learned that as I became spiritually stronger, it was inevitable that I will go through many changes in different aspects of life. Losing and/or changing friends were one of them.

It was okay because new and better friends will flock to me. Better and spiritual friends who were like pieces of puzzle that fit me perfectly. The more I find friends who shared similar values and beliefs, the more I accepted the changes in my life. It made the spiritual journey easier. I received amazing compliments about how a great friend I was and how trusting I was. I feel truly blessed to have them in my life because they challenge me, motivate me, inspire me, push me, believe in me, and love me. Yes, I might have few friends but they fit my puzzle perfectly. I am quite content and blessed. Thank you God for sending me those Angelic friends.

Mina <3

Once you truly experience a spiritual bond that transcends physicality, you will always consciously or unconsciously seek bonds that are able to pierce into the deepest layers of your soul, and anything less just feels so frivolous. -unknown


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