Day 8: Self-Reflection

Self-Portrait “Self-Reflection”

Today had a beautiful energy and I was floating on a positive cloud. Nothing can penetrates my shield. My soul was smiling. I was literally on a happy high after a beautiful conversation with my friend last night. I realized that expressing our true feelings and shared gratitude for the friendship was the secret recipe to happiness and love. Expressing the truth to our feelings was utmost necessary to allow our soul shine. Telling the truth to ourselves might hurt and/or provokes emotions but regardless, it is for our highest and greatest good to release. Feeling emotions were a great start to release fears. If you feel the urge to cry, please allow yourself to cry. Cry it out and let it go. Crying is a powerful emotional cleansing. Think of tears as your fears, insecurities, tensions, and many more. The more you allow tears come out, the more those feelings get out of your system. The more you cry, the more less insecurities you have. You will definitely feel amazing better afterwards.

Tell the truth about your feelings might feel awkward and scary but I promise you will feel free. It hurts you even more if you hold those feelings in. That’s the one main of many reasons why I am doing this blog. I love to write. It is very cathartic. Years ago, if you ask me if I would ever consider writing in a blog, I would say,          “Fuck no!” I was very secretive about my feelings. I hate sharing my feelings out of fears for being judged and/or be seen as a ‘weirdo.’ People who are close to me know that I am not good at sharing my feelings. Most of the time, I am always the one who is listening but not the one who like to talk that much. However, I have improved a lot about sharing my feelings.

In my previous blog posts, you might have noticed I’ve talked a lot about myself and my experiences but I was sharing my life with you to help you see that you’re not alone with your feelings. We might not have similar experiences but we have similar fears, feelings, and hopes. One might ask me how do I find the courage to explore my feelings and share it with the world? I honestly don’t know how but it took many, many baby steps. Years ago, I’ve always knew that I had a bigger plan and that I have it in me to be a leader. I never thought I would be a leader because I did not think I was strong enough or believe in myself but I had strong inclination toward bettering myself. The road to improving myself was very hard but I did not give up. I’ve always believed in myself. I faced many, many obstacles. I fought with my friends. I fought with my Spirit guide. I fought with everyone who were trying to help me but then I realized I was fighting with myself.

Believing in myself was extremely hard but it was the key to become spiritually strong. I knew there were something more than just this life. I’ve always believed there’s something more inside me. If you can BELIEVE that you can achieve your goals and dreams, you’re on a grand road to a best Self. If you can just hold on that small hope that your life will improve, that’s all you need. Baby steps are small but great steps toward shedding your fears. Please don’t give up. Don’t ever give up on yourself. You’re much important and special like everyone else. You are a child of God. If I can do this, then you can do it.

Mina <3

Good things come to those who Believe, Better Things come to those who are Patient, and the Best Things come to those who Don’t give up. -unknown


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