Day 9: Healing Anxiety

Self-Portrait "On my way to healing"
Self-Portrait “On my way to healing”

Anxiety was more common in sensitive individuals, empaths, and Psychic Mediums. Being a Psychic Medium, you’re a conduit to Spirits and mostly like, picking up on lower energies. It came with being a messenger. The more your gift expands, the more you’re becoming sensitive to energies. There were many symptoms of anxiety. My shortness of breath was one of the symptoms. I did not understand the symptoms I was experiencing. Not too long ago I realized I had anxiety. Not to my knowledge, I was always having anxiety for years.  Many things could triggered my anxiety. For instance, going to a chiropractor’s office triggered it because the office used to be where I took a yoga class for pregnant women when I was pregnant with my daughter. Being in the office brought back sad memories when I was pregnant because my daughter’s father and I broke up as soon as I told him I was pregnant. It was a difficult road where I questioned his intentions whether he want to be involved or not.

As I was honing my ability to communicate with Spirits, I realized that in order to receive and hear messages clearly, I would need to do healing work on myself. I knew I need to work on my emotional healing. Releasing ego fears were a part of healing as well. I’ve always knew I had an ability of seeing things beyond the veil but now I found it, it never became much clear to me that I need to follow my mission on earth. My sense of purpose was much stronger than ever. It was pushing me to become the best Self. I BELIEVED in myself. That’s what keep me going and continue with healing work on myself.

The more I was healing myself, the more I felt lighter. It all began on the day when I decided to listen to my Spirit Guide. I listened because I want to make changes in my life for better. Sometimes, you reach a point in your life where you’re tired and sick of being tired and sick, that’s when you seek for guidance. All you have to do was listen. LISTEN. Quiet your mind and listen. Trust the first thing it came to your mind. Follow through it no matter what. Keep listening and trusting it. It will get easier to understand the messages your Spirit Guide give you.

With time, your consciousness also grow and gain new understanding about how important it was to heal ourselves. We were all born with purest innocence and extremely spiritual, however, growing up in this close-minded society, learned behavior from our parents, religious stigmas being pushed down in our throat, and fears feeding us, we forgot we were spiritual to begin with. So many different layers of ego fears piling up as we go through this life. The more high pile of ego fears, the more healing work you need to do. For instance, peeling a red onion until you get to the core, the whitest part which represents your true spiritual soul. Peeling away the layers of red onions were like healing one ego fear at a time. As you peel away, you release anxiety.

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All healing is essentially the release from fear. -Corinne Zupko


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  1. How do I learn how to listen to psychic abilities? I want to learn to heal myself and others. I believe I have that ability. I have severe panic attacks where I can’t breathe when somebody is dying.

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