Self-Portrait “I Believe”

I could feel my ideas brewing in a pot of kettle. I was waiting for it to blow steam indicating it’s ready to drink. I felt okay today. I didn’t feel sad and/or truly happy. I didn’t have odd sweet craving and/or anxiety. Right in the perfect medium spectrum of happiness. The best I could describe it was that there’s a new path under the construction where the Angels were building. I stand there waiting patiently and anxiously. The new path was covered by curtains. Walked by it back and forward, trying to sneak a peek into it but my Angels said it’s not ready yet.  I continued doing work with the intentions and wishes I set upon the New Moon. My confidence continued to build and grow each day. My Angels said, “Everything is going to be okay. You’re almost there. Keep doing what you were doing. Spread and share love.”

Yesterday and today I felt a bit odd but good kind of odd. My Angels were telling me it was due to new information being downloaded. More will come tonight. New Psychic information coming in. I don’t know what it was about but it’s significant. I will not push it. I trust them that they’ll deliver it as the Divine timing allow it. I have came a long way until this point in my life. You could said I was on a crash course of developing and honing my gift within a short span of time. It was quite an adventure full of sadness, anxiety, anger, confused, frustration, happy, and love. I learned a lot about love. We were all connected to love energy. Everything we do was based on love. It was a source of everything.

Whatever going on behind that curtain, I welcome it with open arms and blissfully embrace it. My Angels are saying, “Keep pushing through it. Keep pushing yourself.   You’ve come a long way. Be very proud of yourself for all those hard work. It’s not over yet. There are more good things coming. Just believe it. That’s all we need you to do is BELIEVE.”

Mina <3

We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts  we make the world. -Gautama Buddha


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A Deaf Psychic Medium who craves for a ​deep conversation about spirituality, love, nature, wonders, and the truth.

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