Day 12: Raise your Vibrations

Self-Portrait "I Raise my Vibrations"
Self-Portrait “I Raise my Vibrations”

It is hard to think, feel, hear, and see the light when your vibrations are low. Low vibration means you’ve allow other people, situation, environment, and energies penetrates your shield. Drowning in earthly responsibilities are also a cause of low vibrations. It is easy to get lost in materialism world and media because there’s a huge sense of “community.” We crave for a sense of belonging and be a part of community but we often forget our values and/beliefs in order to please other people, meet others expectations, family obligations and many more factors. Thus, as a low vibration individual, one is prone to negativity and become an attraction for negativity. Ego fears are jumping up and down with excitement that you’re joining their tribe.

For instance, the weather in Southern California has been going through a strange heat wave, I could sense people’s annoyance and bitter toward the heat. People were complaining about the heat and how they cannot stand it. Heat was getting the best of them and made them gone bonkers. However, for some odd reason, the heat doesn’t bother me. My skin feel the heat but inside my soul, I feel cooler. I embrace the heat for its energy to feed my energy. I thought to myself, why didn’t the heat bother me like it used to? Ah, my Angels are saying, “You finally raised your vibrations. Your view of everything with positivity are extremely strong. That’s the true definition and the power of positivity.” Amazing how powerful the positivity is. Staying positive and staying above yourself make life much easier. It help build a strong foundation of faith. Positivity is the base foundation of faith. Without positivity, the harder it is to believe.

However, one can raise their vibration by looking within and see what’s blocked. Think about what’s bothering, draining, overwhelming, and hurting you. Being a low vibration person simply means something within you is disconnected and out of balance. Have you noticed that you’ve been in many difficult situations such as financial/heavy debt, health/chronic illness, accidents/injuries, dysfunctional relationships? Those are symptoms of a low vibration. Angels are saying, “Take few steps back and re-focus on yourself. Meditate. Purge things that aren’t working and/or for your highest and greatest good. Keep purging and cleaning up clutter in your life until you find your inner peace.”

Resisting the flow of life is a significant cause for lower vibrations. The more you resist it, the more frustrations you feel. Most often when people are saying that prayers aren’t working or God isn’t hearing them but you see God always hears you and your prayers. It’s you who is in the way of yourself. You need to move out of the way and row the boat along with the river. Let the river take you wherever it leads you. It is much easier to sail with the water’s natural flow. It takes a lot of energy and strength to swim against the natural flow. It can be very physically exhausting. The more you resist the flow of life, the more exhausting it is. “Let go and surrender. Let us help and guide you to a path toward enlightenment where you will find many blessings.” Angels shared. “Raise your vibration. Raise it like you believe you are worthy of everything and rightfully deserve it.”

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Where thoughts go, the energy goes. There is nothing else here besides energy. Thoughts create forms. Moderate your thoughts because they affect the entire energy field. When we are at a high level of vibration, we naturally attract high level experiences and vice versa. Experiences are a direct reflection of your thoughts. -unknown


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