Day 13: Trustworthy Spirit Guide

Self-Portrait “I Trust You”

Trust wasn’t easy to attain because of the society, history, and current media. Too many negativity pushed us back in the hiding place with ego fears. On the top of it, having anxiety made it much difficult to trust. I was told by a Psychic friend that most likely my anxiety weren’t mine but other people’s anxiety. I was unaware that I was picking up other energies. That was a very common thing seen in sensitive and empaths individuals. Sensitive people were like a sponge. They could soak up energies surrounding us.  Most often, sensitive people have difficult telling whether the feelings were their own or others feelings. The main reason why they often prefer solitude because it calmed their nerves and separating themselves from other people’s energies. While in the solitude, empaths take the advantage of the time to meditate, honing their gifts, communicating with Angels, and developing a relationship with their Spirit Guide.

Back in April this year, I listened and followed my Spirit Guide’s instructions. I was driving my car with my daughter. I wasn’t sure about where should we go. I asked my Spirit Guide to lead me. They sent me an image of Barnes & Noble, the bookstore. I didn’t know why but I suspect I was to look for spirituality book. I was in a rut back then. We go in and my instinct pulled me toward the “New Age” section. I was looking at books but my Spirit Guide kept pointing to the Guardian Angels Tarot cards deck. My eyes kept looking at it with strong inclination to pick it up. I picked it up and looked at it but I put it back. I told myself, “Nah, only advanced souls and people with gifts only can read tarot cards.” Back then, I didn’t think I was gifted enough to communicate with Spirits. Not to my understanding, I WAS communicating with them!! I picked up the deck and put it back not once but 4 TIMES! I went back and forth with my Spirit Guide. Arguing with them saying, “I am not gifted enough. I am not gifted enough like my friends and other people I know with gifts.” But boy, they kept insisting on buying it and try it. They INSISTED that I was CAPABLE of doing this. I gave in and trusted them. Truthfully, somewhere deep inside my soul, I was EXCITED and a bit nervous. I HAD NO IDEA what was coming after purchasing the deck.

Later that night, my daughter was fast asleep. I nervously opened the deck. The cards were absolutely beautiful and brought such warmness to my heart. I remembered saying, “Ahhh!” like it brought much needed relief. On the edges, it had gold. I had to break them apart so they don’t stick together. I bend them gently to separate them individually. It sparkled gold dust. For some strangely reason, I felt at home like I’ve been doing this for a long time. I practiced and practiced and practiced. It was almost addictive but I was very excited that there was a strong possibility that I could do this and that I could be one of them with gifts. My Spirit Guide asked me to look at more decks. I ordered several more. I practiced with several different kind of decks for approximately 2-3 weeks.

My Spirit Guide suggested to look for a spiritual group on Facebook to practice on people. I needed to practice on people to improve my understanding of reading the cards and people as well. I joined few groups. First group accepted my request. I posted my very first post asking for volunteers. Boy, I was hit with hundreds of willing volunteers. I read for almost 60 people. It was physically, mentally, and spiritually exhausting. It was normal to feel drained after doing reading. Doing readings took a lot of focus and energy to channel the messages. Approximately 90% came back with positive and accurate feedback. I was astonished. Haha. Yes, I was very surprised that I could hear and channel the messages. Maybe I can do this but I knew I need more practice.

Doing those readings with the volunteers, I found new friends. Wonderful spiritual friends who encouraged, supported, and pushed me to be the BEST me. I was also introduced to several Psychic friends but there’s this particular Psychic whom friendship I cherished the most to this day. He told me I was a messenger. It literally changed my life forever. My Psychic friend helped me understand what I was seeing, feeling, knowing, and hearing. He was a seasoned Psychic with more than 30 years of experience. I was forever grateful for our friendship. I am also forever grateful for my Spirit Guide. From there, my trust in my Spirit Guide increased tremendously. Our relationship improved a lot. We talked daily.

Most often, one don’t know what their purpose was or why. One have no idea what to do with their life. It’s okay if you don’t know because you have Spirit Guide to help you along the journey. Before you were born, you created a plan and developed a life chart with Spirit Guide. Your Spirit Guide knew everything about you and your life chart. As soon as you were born on Earth, you forgot your plan, chart, and everything but that’s the purpose for having Spirit Guide to help you remember your plan. That’s where you have to develop trust in them and God. Trust was a difficult lesson part of the life chart. The more you trust them, the more your anxiety will decrease and faith increase. Trust is tricky but your Spirit Guide is your best friend, compadre, confidant, and counselor. You can trust them. They know the path to your soul. It is up to you whether you want to trust them or not. I know I trust my Spirit Guide because they show me the path to my joy, friends, family, and love. Sure, I argued with my Spirit Guide. I often got mad at them for putting me through many challenging experiences but my Spirit Guide often reminded me that it was a part of my life chart which I developed. It was my plan. I choose those challenging experiences for a reason. It was all MY responsibility.

And then, I surrendered and let go of my ego fears. I put all my trust in my Spirit Guide and God. Ever since I trusted in their suggestion for buying my first tarot cards deck, my life changed greatly for best. It was a much needed change I wanted and prayed for. Your Spirit Guides were awaiting for you to listen, talk, and trust them. They’re saying, “Try it. What do you have to lose? Perhaps a bruise on your ego but really nothing to lose. Who knows there’s something challenge coming? Who know there’s something better coming? Whatever it is, it is now your time to change your life for better but first you need to trust your Spirit Guide and God. TRUST is the arguably and utmost important ingredient to everything and relationships. TRUST.”

Mina <3

There are many different kinds of knowledge. The way of heart and spirit can guide us in a more trustworthy way than the intellect alone. -Buck Ghosthorse, Lakota Sioux


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