Day 14: Getting Over the Hurdle

Self-Portrait "Passed a Hurdle"
Self-Portrait “Jumped over a Hurdle”

So, 14 days blogging in a row.. One word I could describe the experience: intense. Not only it was intense but some serious soul searching. I learned a lot about myself during those 14 days. With each day go by and with each blog, I’ve noticed my blog evolved quietly. My words changed, my tone changed, and my strength grew. My ability to hear and channel the message had intensified. My faith in myself and gift had also increased. Initially, it was challenging to find stamina and energy to do it daily because it wasn’t part of my routine. I would do a blog there and here with time gap in between. Writing one blog took me an hour or more than an hour. I had to dive and swim deeply into my knowledge as well as hearing the message from my Spirit Guide and Archangels. It used up all of my energy. I was extremely worn out each time after I published my blog.

But I pushed myself and pushed through it. Why? you might ask. Writing was something I was always passionate about deeply into my soul but I’ve neglected it for years. I wrote there and here in my journal over the years but I wasn’t consistent due to lack of confidence in myself and my anxiety as well. My Angels encouraged me to start writing again in my blog to share my healing experience. It wasn’t something I would do but I trust them.

It was no coincidence that I wrote again few days before the New Moon which was a perfect timing to share my wishes and intentions with the Universe. It was the push I needed to move along with my spiritually based career. After 6 days of writing in a row, I was physically, mentally, spiritually exhausted. I almost ended the streak. My hands were on the keyboard typing in few sentences, and then I literally fell asleep at my laptop. I did not have energy at all but I knew it was a hurdle I need to get over. I prayed for an energy boost. I walked away from my laptop to get a snack and cold water. Behold, I got my energy back. I went back to my computer and typed more. I proudly clicked on the publish button.

Ironically, the hurdle was the PUSH I needed. After walking over the hurdle with beaming confidence, I realized that only if I can push myself through it with little energy left, then I can succeed at every goal I set. I got out of my way. It became much easier to continue blogging. I found my stamina and motivation to do so. Everything I do was based on faith in myself. If you could hold on that faith, you will find it easier to find a way to overcome the obstacles. Those obstacles are your obstacles that you put in the path. You already know how to remove them. You’ll have to go within you and find the secret code to decode the vault. As soon as you find the secret code, you’ll open the vault of your willpower and faith. In the vault, you will also find your confidence and it is beaming at you.

Mina <3

When we long for life without difficulty, remind us that oaks grow strong under contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure. -Peter Marshall


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