Day 15, 16, & 17: I Took A Break

Self-Portrait “Day 15, 16, & 17”

Day 15: I was mentally, physically, and spiritually exhausted after writing my experiences and perceptive as a Psychic Medium for two straight weeks. Feeling so worn out that I did not have any energy left to continue writing a blog. I debated whether should I create a new blog or take a break but then, I came across Doreen Virtue’s Daily card reading. It was a sign saying, “its okay to rest. You did a great, beautiful work!” Ah! Thank you Lord for answering my question because you knew I needed the rest. I happily crawled into my bed and went to sleep under cozy covers earlier than usual. It felt amazing!

Day 16: I woke up with soft and draining energy. I did not feel like myself. I could feel my energies were out of balance. The past 14 days I was using my third chakra way too much, neglecting other chakras. Thus, my chakras were out of balance. I was trying hard to stay above myself and be optimistic, however, as soon as I arrived at my work site, my morning started off rocky. I was feeling a bit snappy inside. I felt an urge to snap at someone and pick on their flaws but I bite my tongue. I controlled my emotions. I became an attraction to negativity. I could pick up on others’ people negative thoughts which made it worse for me. I knew I needed Reiki healing immediately. I knew I was not myself. I needed to ground myself and re-balance my chakras. I knew someone who was a Reiki practitioner. A beautiful soul friend had a heart to send me a complimentary distance Reiki healing. Oh, Bless her heart. My Lord knew I needed this healing. I love how things fell in place for me. My Reiki Healer sent me healing while I drifted off to sleep.

Day 17: Next morning, I thanked my Reiki Healer for the healing. She prayed for a better day. I also prayed for a blessed day. My energy was still a bit off but staying positive like always. As I go through my routine at work, my energy slowly improved. After work, I had a conversation with a good friend of mine. Soon after, my energy picked up. I could feel a boost to my energy. I was feeling like myself again. I thought to myself, “YES! I am myself again. Feeling awesome and grounded. Reiki healing worked a miracle on me!” To make my day even better, I talked with few friends of mine, they all expressed their appreciation and gratitude for our friendship. Ah.. my day was ending on a blessed note. I prayed for a blessed day. My God showed me that I was indeed blessed to have a wonderful group of supportive friends. I thought that having supportive friends are necessary friends to have in your life to uplift you.

It was hard to stop blogging because I had a sense of responsibility. However, I am human. All of us humans need a break once in a while. I NEEDED that break. It was a good break which helped me understand my body signals better. I learned that listening to your body changes which indicated that something’s off and it need to be re-balanced. It’s okay to be a human sometime for my sanity’s sakes.

I asked my Spirit Guide why was I feeling snappy? They said, “You released old ego fears. You healed a lot on yourself. As soon as you healed few ego fears, new and unexplored fears come up to the surface. You still have a lot of healing to do.” The more you release ego fears, the more new ones come to the surface. Yes, there’s more ego fears left in me than I realized. I am 31 years old and lived on Earth for 31 years. 31 longs years of multiple life experiences, trials, and tribulations. I was taught thousands of perspectives, philosophies, fears, conspiracies, and vice versa. The more I allow other people’s thoughts pile on my soul, the more fears I’ve adopted. Those were not my fears but I adopted them and it became me. I bravely looked within me and have a conversation with fears. They did not want to come out. As a nurturing Mother, I had to convince them that it was safe to come out. Fears were resisting, screaming, and kicking at me but I tell them that they need to go because they do not belong there. Releasing fears thus becoming love. Releasing fears allow new room for love to come in me.

Mina <3

Sometimes you have to step away from what you love in order to learn how to love it again. -Damien Rice


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