Day 22: Letting Go

Self-Portrait "I No Longer Allow You"
Self-Portrait “I No Longer Allow You”

As the Full Moon was approaching, I could feel my emotions boiling but I will not allow them dictates my inner peace, however, I knew there were underlying issues. Feeling a bit irritated because I kept feeling weird vibes about a situation. Later in the evening, I found few more information about a certain situation which confirmed my fears. Feeling so frustrated for allowing it hurt me and for giving away my power. Again and again. I knew I was not being respected. BUT no more. I was tired of feeling like an outsider, stupid, odd, and nobody. Enough was enough. At the end of the day, I ultimately deserved respect regardless. While talking to my Spirit Guide about this, he told me that it came down to respect. “There were no mutual respect. See the pattern with your other friendship where there’s mutual respect. There was none in this. You deserve and need to be respected regardless how hard life can get.” It was difficult hearing it because I told my Spirit Guide “but I was not trying hard. I was not communicating enough. I was not being a good and attentive friend.” He assured me, “You did enough. It’s now up to them to do their part. Don’t worry. Move along and work on yourself. You don’t owe anyone an explanation, period.” For some reason, I accepted that. It felt good.

Meanwhile, I was also thinking about what do I need to release under the Full Moon. The confirmations I received couldn’t come at a perfect timing with Full Moon coming. I wrote 10 things on a piece of paper I really want to let go in order to move on with new journey I was on. Basically, I was ready to let go of hurt, sadness, anger, and guilt. No more allowing those ego fears controlling my inner peace and my mind. I now take back the control of my inner peace and will no longer allow others dictates my happiness. NO MORE. ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH. Today was all about letting go of things and people who weren’t for my highest and greatest good. Then, I was thinking the 10 things to release out loud in the backyard under beaming Full Moon at night. I folded the paper into 4 ways. I turned on the lighter and put the fire under the paper. It caught the fire. Burning the paper gave the Universe the permission to hear and take away my fears. The Universe answered back, “It is now done. I will look after you.”

Mina <3

Know your worth. Know what you deserve. And know when its time to move on. -unknown


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