Day 25: Rocky Ascension

Self-Portrait "Always Be True to Self"
Self-Portrait “Always Be True to Self”

I’ve just begun a new journey as a Psychic Medium and I learned its quite bumpy. If you have gone on an airplane before, you would expect flight turbulences. One moment it would be very smooth and calm, then next moment it would be very bumpy. Its very similar to many journeys that one walk upon throughout their lives with its ups and downs. As one ride on a flight would put seat belt on and hold on while it goes through turbulences just like one would just rely on their strength and faith to get through uncomfortable experiences because there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and a flight reach its destination safely. Experiencing bumpy road was inevitable. It was all a part of learning life lesson. If there were no bumpy roads, what’s the point for existing on Earth? Only way we can learn, understand, see, feel, and know the true meaning of life was to experience ups and downs.

Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love sharing insights, messages, and experiences with my clients from their Spirit Guides and Angels but sometimes, the road can became lonely. Only times it became lonely when you find your friends drifting away and the communication just abruptly halted for no apparent reason, family member does not understand you anymore, changing careers, and many losses from your comfort zones. I was no longer in my comfort zone or can keep it intact. It literally fell apart and I don’t have safety net around me anymore as I go on my new road as a Psychic Medium. As soon as I decide to pursue my calling, there’s no point of return.

Stepping onto the fresh black painted road with fresh cut grass on the sides, it was a very brand new road that I’ve never explored before but I wanted to go see what it was leading me to. It had different kinds of hills. Some were very difficult to climb and I almost gave up because it was my fear trying to push me down but once I put aside and released my fears, it became easier to get over the hill. I got my breathe back but for not long because before I knew it I suddenly fell down rolling on a hill. I couldn’t stop myself from rolling but I knew I need to trust that I will be okay once I got to the bottom of the hill. I just had to let it happen naturally. I trusted that God would protect me and ensured that I was safe.

At the bottom of hill between hills, I was discouraged and thought I couldn’t get back on the road. I fell there because I’ve allowed the losses get the best of me. It was difficult losing friends who I thought were my very good friends but with the new journey, I learned that God were releasing people from my new journey because they were no longer for my highest and greatest good and they were also no longer a part of it. It was very difficult and heartbreaking because I fought for their attention, friendship, and respect but it was never reciprocated no matter how loud I was. That’s when I understood what God was trying to tell me. He had a grand plan for me and everyone. God saw my decision, motivation, and passion to make changes for better, therefore, He was helping me by sending Angels, tap on the Universe to open new doors, sending new beautiful spiritual friends who would be very supportive and pushing me to be the BEST me.

With my strength I found again, I bravely climbed the rocky hill to get back on the road. It was very rocky that it scratched my palms. Climbing up slowly but surely I was making progress. I looked up and found my new friends put their hands out for me to reach. With relief, I happily grabbed them. They lifted me up safely back on the road. It was never losses to begin with but new gains. My blessed friends pushed me back on the road and continued with my journey. I thanked them for their support but most important of all, I thanked God for sending help.

Continuing with my ascension to my true soul, my faith and strength were gaining a bit by bit. My purpose was becoming clear to me. Even though, it was a rocky ascension but I must believe in myself and my gift. God reminded me that, “No ascension to soul would be smooth and easy because what’s the purpose of ascension? One will need to ascend through life experiences, trials, and tribulations. Ascension is the destination. Riding on an airplane will not be a ride without turbulences but you must hold on and believe that it will get through it. With thee faith, the airplane shall land on the ground safely at its the final destination. Just like with ascending to your soul, you must hold on and believe in YOURSELF that you shall reach your highest level of soul.”

Mina <3

A bird sitting on a tree is not afraid of the branch breaking, because its trust is not on the branch but on its wing. -Anon


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