Day 26: Lightworker

Self-Portrait "I'm Listening"
Self-Portrait “I’m Listening”

Truthfully, my earthly body was weighting me down a bit after having few significant revelations about few friends who I thought were my friends. I had a talk with a Psychic friend of mine. She reminded me that “what people choose, the way they treat you or talk to you, was about them. It had very little to do with you.” It was a hard pill to swallow for being excluded from party, gathering, and events that we always get together for years but now I was suddenly pushed aside like I was nobody. It definitely hurt. It hurt that they did not consider or see me someone as important to be a part of their life. I almost had a self-pity party. I tried to shake it off and told myself, “No, no, you did nothing wrong. It’s them. It’s their decision.”

Whatever the reason was for excluding me and being lied to, it happened for a reason. Last night, I was told by God that he was removing them from my life because they no longer serve a purpose in my life. It was hard to hear but yet I understood. My comfort zone was no longer serving me for my highest and greatest good. I was ascending to my true self and they could see the new changes in me. It made them feel uncomfortable and/or unable to understand. Therefore, they cowered back into their comfort zones feeling ashamed and hated to be reminded for the little progress they’ve made with their spiritual journey. That was not my intention to make them feel ashamed but to inspire them. Certain friends were strong enough to stand up and applaud for my progress, throwing flowers at me for my beautiful performance and supporting me along the journey. Some friends just can’t accept it.

My emotions were up and down but my spirit was still strong regardless. I relied upon positivity to help me get through it and changed my perspective on what might had happened. I kept reminding myself that I did absolutely nothing wrong except improving myself for the best and working toward my light. Apparently, it was my light that were hurting  their eyes and made them turned their backs against me. It’s okay. I didn’t expect that the life as a Lightworker would be easy but for a very good reason. I wanted to cry, I wanted to cuss them out, I wanted to demand an explanation, I wanted respect but then I realized I was wasting my energy over negative energy. My beautiful friend from England reminded me that “but you’re still human, you’re bound to feel upset, and you’re allowed to ‘feel’ but you’re vibrating way too high to be worrying about jealousy.” That snapped me right out of my little self-pity party. Thank you, Lord, for sending me those beautiful spiritual and supportive friends who wanted nothing but to see me ascending to the best me.

Last night, I prayed to God for new supportive and spiritual friends, assistance with creating my website, and building my confidence as a Psychic Medium. This early morning, I received a private message from a new person through my Facebook page who I thought might be a potential new client. We talked a bit then I picked up on a stunning energy that got my curiosity about who he was. The more we talk, the more I realize that maybe it was not a new client but a new friendship. It turned out that he was an experienced programmer and taught wordpress in college. AH!! He was truly an answer to my prayers! A new supportive and lightworker friend who will help create my website, and shared a message from spirit, “Stay confident. You are a Lightworker.” BOOM! Knocked me off my socks right back into my faith in God that I am indeed on the right path.

Mina <3

She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. -Proverbs 31:25


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