Day 30: Be Kind with Yourself

Self-Portrait "Be Kind"
Self-Portrait “Be Kind”

Yesterday and today I was exhausted. I was not in my spiritual space at all. Just spiritually and emotionally exhausted. I was hit hard with many changes in the past two weeks. It was taking a toll on me. However, it was a good timing to rest and rejuvenate today. There were some moments where I wanted to scream and freak out but it wouldn’t help because it would make things worse. Being hard on myself was something I’ve always struggled with. I have been practicing daily to be gentle with myself. I learned that it was okay to allow the energies, emotions, and feelings to go in and out of me naturally. Giving myself a permission to soak everything in and feel it. It was necessary to re-balance my energies. My energies were out of balance.

In the midst of spiritual and career transition, it was challenging to balance everything from tending my daughter to doing Psychic readings. My day-to-day was always busy and I neglected myself. That’s where I need to re-focus and put a bit more of energy into bettering myself physically. Those new changes forced me to look within me and showed me which needed my attention. I heard from my Spirit Guide that it was my physical body that needed my attention. Truthfully, I have not been kind with my physical body where my soul resided in. My spirit was strong but my physical body was weak. I need to re-balance both physically and spiritually. The better my physical is, the better everything else is.

There were several clients where I shared the messages from the Spirit about how can they improve their self-esteem. To my surprise, it was a very simple but true message. They said, “Physical exercise is essential to get your self-esteem back. Walking, hiking, running, and any physical exercise help get rid of that polluted mind and exhaust the toxicity through sweat pores.” My clients laughed at me and said, “but that’s so simple!?” I replied, “Well, yes, so simple that you need to be kind to yourself.” Participating in physical exercise help clear your mind and express out the build-up stress. It also clear up your heart for it to be working better. As you build stamina, you feel physically stronger. You also feel better emotionally and mentally. It was amazing about how exercise can help you tremendously with mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. That’s what was missing from healing myself.

But that was not only point I wanted to share because earlier today I was sharing my spiritual insights with a friend of mine. He was very hard on himself and he felt crazy for thinking such thoughts. I assured him that he was not crazy for wanting happiness, love, family, and inner peace. He was ashamed for wanting something so simple that align with his true self but he felt obligated and stuck where he don’t think he could get out. I reminded him that he truly deserved to live his life the exactly the way he wanted it to be. That was when I realized that he lost himself in his relationship, family, career, and most important of all, he lost his true self. He drowned so far deep in the ocean that he forgot what it was like to be happy again. My friend was way off the track to the point where he began to question himself whether he’s crazy or not. If you ever find yourself feeling that way, it was a huge clue that you need to get back on the track. Please be gentle with yourself. Please believe that you are never stuck and that there are indeed possibilities to change your life around for better After all, it is your LIFE and you can do whatever you want to do with it. Make sure you’re happy and peaceful in the life you’re living in NO MATTER WHAT.

Mina <3

Be kind to yourself as you proceed along this journey. This kindness, in itself, is a means of awakening the spark of love within you and helping others to discover that spark within themselves. -Tsoknyi Rinpoche


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