Day 31: Just Breathe

Self-Portrait “Everything’s going to be Alright”

As I just was thinking that I would have another ‘bad’ spiritual day but after few conversations with my friends and hearing my Angels to tell me to “just breathe,” I find myself feeling better and I got my energy back. I started hearing Angelic music to my ears again. I thought to myself, “YES! I am back!” I am finally back in my spiritual space and feeling motivated to serve people again. I was myself again. Confident and ready to continue with my readings. It was difficult the past few days but I knew Angels were working on me and moving my energies around to a point where I can hear and feel them again.

I understood what they meant when they tell me to be gentle with myself. I was very down on myself and feeling out of my space. I learned that I just need to allow it happen naturally and tried my very best to get through the day. While dealing with new shift in my energies, I listened to my body’s needs to rest and just be me. I was not to force it but let it be. With patience, faith, and time, I would feel myself again. As I go on my journey as a developing Psychic Medium, I was going through huge changes and shifts in energies as well as consciousness. I learned that it was necessary to move old energies out and allow new energies in. Moving, clearing, dispelling things that were no longer helping me as I progress to the high level of self. New energies were coming in for a reason to allow me to hear, feel, see, and understand the Divine messages better. As I gain higher perspective, my soul was shining bright and brighter. My physical body was trying to catch up with my spirit. That’s why I needed to rest and allow the Angels to work on me.

Many of us who were conscious also felt this shift in energy. Not many of them realize what good it was doing for them. One would freak out and allow ego fear win them over. If you ever feel this especially for sensitive, empaths, and Mediums, don’t allow it overwhelm you. Allow it go through you and out of you naturally. If you’re feeling tired, emotional, fatigue, and sad, sit down and rest. Sleep as much as you can. Angels work on us best when we were asleep. I promise you that those were only for temporary and it will get better. Just remember to breathe. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in deeply from your stomach, breathe the stress out. Doing breathing technique help me tremendously. Please take a seat and breathe for 5 minutes while closing your eyes. You will feel calmness come over you and you will also hear Angels saying, “Please be kind with yourself. Be gentle with your feelings. Listen to your body needs. Rest while we heal you.” Exhale deeply. You will feel lighter and a glimpse of confidence that everything’s going to be alright.

Mina <3

You are where you need to be. Just breathe. -unknown


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