Day 32: Do You Really Want It?

Self-Portrait “Do You Really Want It?”

I pondered about what should I write today. I heard from my guide to ask you, “Do you really want it?” I understood what they meant by that. Since I got my spiritual energy back and felt inspired to continue with my career as a Medium, I started advertising and expressed my gratitude for a huge support on my Facebook page. I was on my laptop, completing my blog and shared my insights on my Facebook like it was a part of me. It doesn’t feel like a job. I am in love and obsessed with sharing messages from the Creator. I am extremely passionate about what I do. I loved it when I received positive feedback and was often thanked for my positivity. My main intention with my career was to spread positive and show that there’s power in it to attract things you want in your life.

It was not too long ago when I finally understood my gift and/or that I had a gift of communicating with spirits. I felt relieved knowing I was not crazy or there was nothing wrong with me. I’ve always knew I had something inside of me but I could never understood it. I also felt that I had a huge purpose and mission. Now I found my purpose. I never felt such passion and inspiration toward my mission. My purpose was literally pulling me in daily. Although, I’ve been intuitive for years but this time I felt it much stronger than before. Indeed, this new road as a Medium was difficult and bumpy but we all start somewhere at the bottom. I am slowly climbing the ladder to the highest level of Self. I am constantly evolving daily.

Along the journey, I learned many mistakes and lessons. One main lesson which can be very useful for everyone who was seeking to build their dreams. Consistency was the utmost lesson I learned. Being consistent was essential to maintain the success of your business/career. One might say its hard to do the work and be on the top of yourself. I say it’s not hard only because I LOVE doing what I do. It made my ‘job’ easier and fun. And also, I do it because I really wanted it. Yes, truthfully, at the beginning, I wasn’t consistent only because my body and energy were going through changes. I had headaches almost everyday. I had stomachaches almost everyday. My body was breaking down due to my third eye chakra opening up. I was dealing with my physical changes and shift in my energies but I was working through it. As I pushed myself through changes, my stamina doing readings grew stronger and better. It became easier and easier to share messages daily.

I’ve always told every client I read that their heart was truly and honest guidance to joy, love, abundance, and blessings. Your heart was like a GPS. It shall leads you to blessings and the path to enlightenment. Please..ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS follow your heart no matter what and no matter how much it hurt others because it was YOUR LIFE, YOUR JOURNEY, YOUR PATH, YOUR HAPPINESS, and YOUR LOVE.

So, you asked me, “Do you really want it?” “Oh, why, YES! I want it! It is WHO I AM.” I replied.

Mina <3

The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature. ~ Joseph Campbell


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