Day 33: Self-Love

Self-Portrait "Self-Love"
Self-Portrait “Self-Love”

I’ve always told my clients that begin with self-love and everything will fall in the place. One would ask me when will I meet my next love partner? One will ask me when and how will I meet my partner? Many were looking for the one to spend their lives with. The Spirit said, “Begin with self-love. Love thee. As you build love energy, the more it will become radiating and magnet for spiritual friends and love partner to be attracted to you. We are all based on energy. Love energy that is. That’s the secret ingredient to connect with thee Source. Nothing else but love. That is why you must being with loving thyself. Everything else will come in the place. Please be kind with yourself. Please believe you are absolutely worth of love, blessings, abundance, and joy. You were born pure and spiritual to begin with. There is no such reason for allowing fears take over you. Fear is nothing but an illusion. Fear is based on physical needs. Once your soul is content and thrive on love energy, your physical body shall resist the ego fears. Your physical body is now healthy and strong to carry your illuminating soul. Both physical and spirit are stronger than ever free from harm, fears, illusion, and desires. Love thee. Be Kind to yourself. It all began with loving thyself. That’s the pure connection to the Source. Love carry bright light which make fears cower in shame and disappears instantly. For its powerful energy to push out lower energies, negativity, sadness, and fears. Love thee neighbors and Love thyself.”

It all takes releasing and surrendering your ego fears. That is not the hardest part. The hard part is allowing love enter your heart and your soul. “Admit your fears, admit your flaws, admit your sadness, admit your anger, admit your self-worthless, and admit yourself to God. God shall take care of those insecurities and fears and transmute it into the light. You are now free and pure. God shall touch your heart and fill it with love. You shall weep but tears of pure joy. God love you. Love thee. You are now protected and loved. Again, Love thou neighbors and Love thyself.”


Mina <3

Love in its essence is spiritual fire. -Emmanuel Swedenborg


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