Day 34: My Sensitivity is My Weapon

Self-Portrait "My Sensitivity Kick Ass"
Self-Portrait “My Sensitivity Kick Ass”

Not many realize that being sensitive or their sensitivity was truly a blessing. In this society, sensitivity was not to be embraced or to be honored because it was considered as “weakness.” Why is it a weakness you ask me? Well, it all began with ego fears we adopted from our parents who might be emotional shut off or not emotional present. As a child, we weep over losing our favorite toy or feeling left out for not being invited to play with other kids or being ignored for crying too much. In the meantime, we were taught that crying was something to be shamed of and that it was not acceptable. As a naturally body response, we put it aside and stuffed it back in our subconscious because we remembered the painful memories and consequences that it came with for being emotional. Thus, we became insensitive and forgot all about the importance of being emotional.

This was all backward. We need to learn to embrace our sensitivity again because it was the ‘meat’ behind our intuition, the ‘brain’. Our intuition was our GPS to our path of enlightenment. Being sensitive to situation, people, and energies were our weapon. Weapon was not a harsh thing but it was like a knife cutting through the tall grass where we cannot see the path. People appeared in our path and we don’t know how will they help me find my path. That’s where your sensitivity comes in. Listen to your body signals and how it was making you feel. If you ever feel an ounce or slight of insecurity, uncertain, and/or throat being cut off, that was your sensitivity alerting you to go to a different direction.

As I gain higher and higher perspective, my sensitivity was becoming ultra sensitive to energies surrounding me. As I reach a higher level of Self, threatening energies were trying to fear and drag me down. As in a sense, I could feel other’s negative thoughts toward me without them realizing it. Last night, I had a bad dream about a friendship of mine that was falling apart for no apparent reason. I was afraid that it might be a premonition and that it might confirm my fears that my friend had a mask on for a long time. I woke up feeling discouraged, disgusted, and confused. My anxiety was seeping in. I told my friend about my dream. He said, “Negative forces know your weakness. Don’t let them break you. Let those thoughts go away. They don’t serve your Divine soul anymore.” Bless his heart and his incredible insight. That snapped me out of my fears. He also reminded me that my spirit was getting stronger and stronger but for a very good reason because I finally found my strength and that was my sensitivity. I now love and embrace my sensitivity more than ever because it is showing me to my path of enlightenment.

Mina <3

Your sensitivity is your essence. You can’t be you without it. -Cheryl Richardson


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  1. This is so very timely and you have offed me another insight and more clarity. Blessings and light… Thank you

  2. I don’t know how long I would’ve gone until I discovered this for myself. I am 60 years old, and just now it dawned on me that the very thing I do best is my exercise my sensitivity. Always thought it was a given, never a primary strength. Bravo for coming up with this by allowing Spirit to show it to you.

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