Day 35: No Longer in my Comfort Zone

Self-Portrait “Evolving past my Comfort Zone”

The more I thought about it, the more my guide shows me. I realized I was no longer in my comfort zone. I was becoming angry, hurt, frustrated, and sad when I see my “good” friends exclude me from their gathering or being lied to. I was fighting for a place in their lives but my Spirit guide was telling me that Angels were protecting me and showed me a different path to take. “But why? why am I fighting and they were not fighting for me?,” I asked my Spirit Guide. He said, “they does not have a purpose in your life anymore. You were fighting because you were in their comfort zone. You were fighting to get back in your comfort zone. When you choose to start reading that first card deck you bought, you choose to move out of the comfort zone. You kept fighting to get back in there but many times you were pushed, blocked, protected, detoured away from that because you are in your own zone. You are fighting yourself. You are no longer in a comfort zone. Yes, it is unfamiliar and uncomfortable but you are in your own zone and path. All for your highest and greatest good. It was a long time coming for you. Now is the time to push yourself out of your comfort zone and work on developing your Psychic powers you were born with. It was always within you. Please never allow anyone tell you or make you feel you’re crazy. Never crazy one but brilliant and illuminating soul you are. It was always in your genes, history, generation to generation, multiples past lives, and its YOU.”

“Please believe in you. Just believe in yourself. BELIEVE and trust us that it’s your time to shine. You have a glorious soul awaiting to be shine. It already shone on many people you helped with your gift. You have no idea how much your soul and gift made an impact on them. Your new ‘comfort zone’ is full of surprises but good kind of surprises. You loved surprises, remember? You see new friends you made recently? They were sent in your path. They were there to help you and encourage you to continue walking. Always stay in the light. Being in the comfort zone will never get you anywhere. Remember you wanted to change your life when you bought that first deck cards? That’s also when you choose to move out of your comfort zone because you weren’t going anywhere in there. If you stayed in it, you might find your gift much later in life. Think about it…. Yes, now you realize and remember why. You see being in a new zone bring you many positive things because it help you remember who you truly are and what you CAN do. Always stay in the light and believe in your gift. You are a powerful Lightworker. Powerful Light.”

Mina <3

Follow what lights you up and you’ll light up the world. -Rebecca Campbell


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