Day 37: Powerful Light

Self-Portrait “Stay in the Light”

I took few days off to breath. As my third chakra open up more each day, I receive more Divine messages and shared it with the world. I sensed a huge responsibility to keep up with it. I was overwhelmed by many positive feedbacks and gratitude for my services as a Psychic Medium. That’s when I realized my light was radiating more and more. That’s also when it hit me how powerful it was. I was scared and overwhelmed by my own powerful light. I need to step back and breath. I just wanted to be me. Enjoy my days and nights doing nothing but be me. I also wanted to savor and remember the calmer days before I get back on the saddle holding my light.

I asked my Spirit Guide about this new realization. He said, “Yes, it will get harder each day you move toward your light but keep in mind it took you 31 years to find your light again. Of course, the process will take long to remove and heal ego fears you adopted from your environment. Don’t mind it because along the path, you will receive blessings small or big to help remind you to stay in the light. It will also remind you to work with your light and toward the light. Don’t ever give up or let silly life deterrent get in the way of your dreams. This is your time. This is your journey. This is your path full of joy, abundance, blessings, and love.”

Whew.. He also reminded me that taking small steps are grand steps toward the path of enlightenment. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is but as long as you keep moving toward your light. Ahh.. but today I was not feeling my powerful self. I was drained and frustrated. Perhaps I was frustrated with myself for not moving. I so much want to move but I needed to breath, understand and accept the responsibility to carry my light which is slowly becoming heavy and heavier. Hmm. I don’t like the previous statement. My light is NOT heavy but I just need to believe that I have the strength to carry and hold it up high with pride just like the beautiful and strong Statue of Liberty holding her torch. The torch is an icon of freedom. I shall continue carrying the light as it frees me.

Mina <3

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond our measure. -Marianne Williamson


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  1. Dear Mina,

    My spirits are telling me that we are to work together in some way to expand and sustain the Light.

    It is crystal clear.

    Back in Callaway,

    Contact me as you can.

    Loving the Light,

    Deb 712.326.8932

    Contact me as you can.

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