Day 39: East Coast Trips


Self-Portrait “I Need Another Vacation”

Hi! Hi! Yes, I am still here! Last month was very busy and quite energetically draining. There were some changes around house. My parents went away on a vacation. That changed routine for me but surprisingly, the energy was much calmer in the house. It was nice to just relax but not always be tense around my parents especially my Mom. Then, they came back from their vacation and it was tense again. I’ve always thought it was tension due to many people living in the same house but it was my Mom. It was a weird revelation but that’s whole another story for another time.

However, my daughter and I went on a trip to East Coast 2 days later after my parents got home. Truthfully, I was not excited for the trip. I was exhausted and now this stressful trip was coming up. I tried to be positive about this trip. I arrived at my sister’s house in Maryland. I did not sleep well due to heater that just turned up amazing HOT but it was unbelievable and unbearable to sleep. I WANTED TO GO HOME ALREADY. Oh, yes, I also did not sleep well because I sensed a female spirit who was keeping me awake in the house. Great. First night I was sleeping in a sauna and a spirit who wouldn’t leave me alone. I also had my toddler traveling with me. I WAS EXHAUSTED. I WANTED TO RUN AWAY AND HIDE.  Don’t forget it was also during the Full Moon week. Wow. Just great. Great.

You can imagine the unbelievable intense energy I was having. I was only there for 2 nights but I did not want to go out. I just wanted to sit and watch movie. I was done. In a sense, you can say I was in a survival mode. Full on protection. I was energetically paralyzed. I kept praying upon Archangel Michael for his protection every single hour, every day. Then, the day came for us to take a drive up north to New York. I never thought I would be so happy to see a hotel room with a perfect temperature and energetically clean. It was only a fleeting moment of bliss until I picked up energies around me in Manhattan. Before the trip, a Psychic friend of mine warned me to ask for extra protection while in NYC. I understood why. I cannot describe it. I cannot find words. How can I explain it? Energies were dense. You cannot feel it but you can feel it was weighing you down. Manhattan was beautiful and full of history. I literally felt like I was in a time capsule. I saw many beautiful people but yet they were sad. They were in survival mode. I wondered why. There were so much energies floating around. People were picking up on those energies without realizing it.

Most of the trip was spent on tour buses, taking a quick trip to see everything we can in few days. So much to see but too little time to do everything. My favorite trip was to Brooklyn. I can tell you that the energy in Brooklyn was much calmer and family-oriented. The pace was slow but nice energy. It was a nice break from dense energy in Manhattan. For some reason, it felt nostalgic being in Brooklyn. Perhaps I felt the connection due to a friend of mine who grew up there. I appreciated it’s simplicity and beauty. Only I wish I had time to stroll and soak in Brooklyn’s energy. We had to go back to Manhattan. We touched on few popular places then it was time to go back to Maryland. It was a long trip getting back home but I was so glad to be back in my safe and spiritual space. I immediately burned sage and cleaned energies off that I picked up from the East Coast trips. Then, I remembered I was living with other 9 people in the same house. Ah, tension again.

On the top of it, my daughter was sick for a while and I devoted my energy taking care of her. I went back to work the next day. I honestly don’t get a break. I meditated there and here but it helped me to get through the day. Current energies are insane. As I am more conscious of energies,  I can feel the holiday stress and people’s energies around me. It is extremely high and stressful that I just want to stay in my room with my daughter watching a Disney movie until the holidays are over. However, I am staying positive and staying away from stressful energies for my sanity. I know I will and can get through this. I will just keep it to myself and tending my daughter. I can go into details about my trips but it was so energetically draining and I don’t want to dwell in the past. I honestly just want to move forward and continues empowering myself and others. That’s what keep me going.

Mina <3

As you think, so you shall become. -Bruce Lee


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