Special Read: Manifesting Miracles with Angels, Part 1.


My Angels asked me to ask my spiritual friends on my Facebook page what subject do they want to gain insight about. Most of them wanted to know about how to manifest miracles with Angels. The idea of diving into this with Angels excites me. This is something new and possibly adding it to my ‘book.’ Now I will work with my Angels and tune into them to channel the messages. Throughout the day, I was having few conversations with them and my Spirit Guide. There were many factors in manifestation, however, I don’t think I can cover everything in one blog but I will spilt it into few blogs. I do not know how many but life is an adventure! We are going on an adventure of learning!

First of all, let me explain the definition of miracles. Miracles come in many different kind of forms. It can be from finding a job of your dreams, having financial security, self-acceptance, to finding your soulmate. Many wanted happiness and success. Why is it a miracle to find your happiness? Money? Success? Soulmate? Why are those considered as goals? Perhaps one want to have a sense of purpose and/or live in an eternal bliss. Most often of us forget that we are learning our life lesson on Earth for a purpose. Don’t get discouraged just yet! I will explain the reason underlying the lesson soon. I am hearing that we are already living a miracle. To live, breathe, eat, and learn, itself is a miracle. We are blessed with a life on Earth because Mother Earth is a prosperous creation by the Creator. WE ARE LIVING A MIRACLE!

Now, Angels are reminding us that as soon as we were born, we were pure innocent and spiritual individuals to begin with. As a child, we find things around us quite fascinating where now those days as an adult we find to be boring. As a child you find much joy in simplicity such as touching dirt for first time or eating delicious strawberry. Do you remember it? Do you remember the first time you sit on swing and the thrill from the movement it gave you? Do you remember making a fort in the living room and how fun it was to pretend you’re in a tent? Do you remember how fun, simple, and relaxing it was?  That magical feeling is what we need to remember and hold on while we manifest our goals and dreams. It is the secret ingredient to the recipe for manifesting miracles with Angels. It is joyful watching my almost two years old daughter going on her adventure of living on Earth. She became exclaimed with many things. My daughter carries pure innocence to her soul. She does not know fears or negativity at all. That is the true definition of a pure soul. Many lose innocence as we go through different phases in life. Some life experiences might threw us off from our faith but it was only a lesson for us to grow spiritually stronger. Life experiences are simply lessons to help us remember who we truly are.

We are very well capable of attaining goals and wants in this life. We are built with a psychic chip in our soul. Everyone has it. Not many realize this because of their family upbringing, society, culture, environment, and many factors that put blind cover over their psychic chip. They all forgot about it. They forgot they have an ability to connect and tune in with their intuition. Psychic chip is like an advanced technology where you can tap into it. It will show you visions, accessibility, connecting with the Other side, and receive the Divine messages. Remove fears and beliefs you’ve adopted from your friends, family, co-workers, and society. Remove anything that you do not feel good about. That’s your intuition.The more you listen to your intuition, the more it is easier to receive the Divine messages.

People often find it was hard to achieve their goals. Instead of working toward their goal, they gave up too soon and then, they peddled back into their place of hopeless. People gave up because they felt it was impossible to attain those goals or it was a lot of work and/or they think they don’t deserve it. It all starts with changing your mindset. Change your thinking. Change your attitude to begin with. If you’re going to throw yourself a self-pity party, then that’s exactly what you will get. What you give out to the Universe, the Universe will give it right back at you. You just need to believe that you are a magical soul with magic wand and can make things happen by  thinking positive. Your thoughts are powerful. It can attracts either negativity or positivity. For instance, if you find yourself becoming rage by an ‘idiotic’ driver who wasn’t paying attention, stop yourself and change your attitude toward them. Think before you react. Perhaps they had a bad day or confused about where they were going. Let it go. Allow them have their pass. Easy. A moment of rage now has disappeared. Relieved. Now you’re back to driving peacefully. Or perhaps you find yourself stuck in hours of traffic, instead of being frustrated and restless, savor the time to meditate and communicate with Angels. Before you know it, you’re moving through traffic like a breeze. You might blame Angels for putting you through traffic but really it was a perfect opportunity to communicate with them. Angels are already helping you by clearing out traffic if you could just listen to them and ask them for their assistance.

It is like finding a silver lining in every dark cloud. When you find it, it become easier and hopeful to get through a challenging situation. It is no longer difficult. You’re slowly building confidence that you can get through anything that life throw at you. The more you change your way of thinking and attitude, the more it is easier to hear Angels. As you change your attitude and thinking with positivity, you are able to see Angels’ signs, feathers, coins, repeated numbers, and many more which will go into details in the next part.

Mina <3

The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible. -unknown


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