Special Read: Manifesting Miracles with Angels, Part 2-Signs from Above


When I am conscious and open spiritually, I am able to recognize and appreciate small signs from above. One might tries to force to see the signs. They desperately wanted to see something obvious but often they overlooked the signs. That’s when they lose their faith and close the door on Angels but there are many signs around us. We just need to believe in it. Signs appear when you’re most relaxed and calm. Sometimes, when you thought of something, for instance, a vacation of your dream, then you immediately saw a commercial about it. That’s a sign that your thoughts are manifesting quickly.

There are many articles about how to see signs or interpret it as a sign. However, in my experience for last 8 years and books I’ve read, I learned that the signs are here to tell us that we are on the right track. When I discover my gift, I’ve seen a lot of feathers. I’ve spent a lot of times researching for it’s meaning for different kind of feathers I found. They helped me stay on the track as I was developing my gift. Finding feathers also prepared me for new changes coming ahead of me. I did not ask for Angels to drop feathers but I accepted it as a sign from them.

Repeated numbers also carry significant meanings. Under the numbers, there are Angelic messages for you to reflect, think, and pay extra attention. You can download an app “Angel Numbers 101” by Doreen Virtue for a small fee or go at this link  Sacred Scribes Angel Numbers. At an early and confusing stage of developing my Mediumship gift, I paid extra attention to numbers because they kept me sane. Angels were sending me many messages through repeated numbers. I remembered seeing a lot of ‘555’ numbers. It was a message about new significant and transformative changes coming my way. Repeated numbers also warned me to be cautious for some certain situations. It was also the beginning of building a relationship with my Angels.

It was also a sign that Angels were working with you to manifest your dreams. The more you recognize the signs, the more you are able to work with Angels. Signs are like breadcrumbs for you to follow toward the path of enlightenment. A year ago, I attended a small workshop about intuition leaded by my Psychic friend. She said that finding pennies, quarters, and coins were a sign of good finances coming and/or a warning. Seeing a tail on penny was a ‘warning.’ It could means things will take detour or new unexpected bill was coming. If you find a head up penny, good things will come your way. If you kept finding penny after penny, a great financial news was coming! Finding quarter was a blessing coming. I remembered when I was running very low on money and my car was running low on gas, my panic was setting in but I found few pennies. I wasn’t sure what the meaning was but as soon as, I got home I received an unexpected mail with a check from old job owing me some money. It was not a lot but enough to keep me afloat and got some gas for my car. I expressed gratitude for Angels to drop pennies to tell me that everything was going to be okay.

As I was conversing with my Spirit Guide about my goals and plans, I received many different ideas. I wasn’t sure about them but I accept them for a reason. Shortly afterward, I was given a green light to follow through with the ideas they gave me. A great instance happened on Christmas Eve afternoon, I went out for a walk and then, I meditated on the grass in the front yard. The experience was so delicious and refreshing. While meditating, I received many messages and ideas. I was told that I would sell my paintings in the new year. Later that night, my family and I opened our Christmas presents early. I got an amazing confirmation in a gift I received from my sister. It was an Introduction to Oil Painting Starter package! I was taken back! I thought it was the coolest gift I’ve ever got. Warm and fuzzy feelings came over my body. Inside, my soul was smiling from ear to ear. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! It was a sign from the above!

That’s how powerful meditation is. It is the true connection with your Angels. To be continued in the next blog…

Mina <3

What you believe, you receive. -Gabrielle Bernstein


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