Day 40: New Year

Self-Portrait “Moving Forward”

It has been days since my last personal blog. It is not the correct number of days but I am not going to beat myself up for not being consistent. I’ve learned to go with ebbs and flow of the life. As you can see that life is like a river, it doesn’t stop moving. Water is in continuous motion. Sometimes, it hit some rocks and splashed some water. Sometimes, it moves smooth. Wherever the river water goes, it goes through obstacles but it keeps moving. Just like we need to move forward regardless the rocks the life might throw at us.

Today is the beginning of a new year. A brand year with new ventures, opportunities, dreams, and lessons. A brand year gives you an opportunity to continue expanding your consciousness and evolving to the highest potential of self. I’ve never been restless like before than today. I realized that I am mostly excited about what I’ll become as I grow this year. Last year was a significant year of personal and spiritually growth. The year my daughter was born was also a significant year for me but 2015 taught me so much about myself. 2015 also taught me that if you truly want to ascend and capture the essence of self, you’d have to make sacrifices. I used to think I couldn’t do it or I’ll do it when the timing was right. I used to make many excuses. I learned great lesson years ago that there was NO SUCH right time. Funny, I never took that advice myself but now I applied it to my life in some circumstances. Regardless whenever you do it now or later, you will always be re-directed to your destiny. You can take many detours but soon or later, you will be taken right back to your original path.

The year of 2015 showed me, pushed me, and taught me to face myself. It was also uncomfortable experience but I was truly grateful for it because I got through it okay and I became spiritually strong. No such changes were easy and/or comfortable but it was essential to go through because you’ll come out of it a better person. I went through many changes. I had people challenged me but it came from a place of love. Those kinds of changes were good and necessary for me, too. I do not see changes in negative fashion like I used to but now I consider changes as doors to be opened, getting closer and closer to my soul.

Facing myself was not only thing I did in 2015. I learned so much about love especially self-love. Back to the day when I purchased my first card deck, deeply in my heart I secretly want to change so much because I truly loved myself and I knew I was indeed special. That was the start of learning to love myself. My energy was vibrating to the Universe. I met many new friends. Special and beautiful people were Godsend to me. They helped me so much especially a Psychic friend of mine told me I was a messenger. That instantly changed my life forever. I realized that love was the secret. It was the energy that connected us to the Creator. It was the source of everything. Love energy that was. The more you give love energy, the more love you’ll get back. Love comes in many forms of abundance. Love was the SECRET!

I don’t know what will the year bring but I know for sure I’ll love myself more than ever as I evolve and embrace my gift. One might find it scary not knowing what would happen but I find it quite exciting because I love surprises. I put all my faith and trust in God knowing that He indeed knows what’s best for me and us.

Mina <3

Love is like the sun: has its inner energy source that shines on you. -Helene Lagerberg



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