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Being gentle with myself was the great lesson I’ve learned since I started my blog. I had an original idea of doing a daily blog which ran for a time being but it wasn’t fun doing it. Juggling between being a single mom to my two old years toddler, full time daytime job, blogging and my Psychic reading based business took a toll on me. I was hard on myself. Pushed myself to a point where I don’t enjoy writing in my blog. Let’s not forget about finding time for myself and self-care. Responsibilities were piling up each day. I took a step away and look at the big picture about what need to be fixed, adjusted, and/or removed.

I absolutely love writing. I shall continue blogging but it will become a weekly blog. That would works best with my packed schedule. It feels good that now I found a time to write. With every venture you set upon, there’s always room for improvement. I am not ashamed to admit my flaws and I will own them. After all, I’m a human. No, that doesn’t sounds right. I’m a SPIRIT living in a physical body. Physical body has its limits and can only allow you ascend as far as it can go.  I am working with this vessel which carries my spirit and I’m grateful for my body to remind me that I’m going too far. We are a team.

Speaking of the physical body, I treated myself to a massage with hot stones for 90 minutes last week. My spirit and body needed it so badly. My knots were ironed out and brought much necessary relief. I did not realize how much stress I carried in my neck and shoulders. After the massage session ended, I walked out of the room. My masseur was standing in the hall and asked to hug me. I was a bit confused because I couldn’t understand what she was saying. She opened her arms, “Can I hug you!?” I was flattered by the thoughtful gesture. Of course I couldn’t decline it. I welcomed it and embraced her. I was a bit taken by her strong energy about wanting to hug me. I thanked her, then I had to use restroom.

I walked back to the front office. My masseur was standing there in the hall once again and she gave me a small note saying, “You touched my heart deeply. You are so strong!!” with glimmer in her eyes and smile. I realized she felt my energy and it inspired her. Of course I was very touched and inspired. Stunned by the experience, I hugged her once again. Tears were itching to come out of my eyes. I did not realize my energy carried so much strength because the day prior to the massage, I was feeling down and not my strong self. I almost became a Debbie downer but I couldn’t. I had to move forward. That’s only way the day can improve. As an optimist, I looked for the silver lining.

I thought about what it means to be strong. Strength is often misunderstood because being strong means a protection against emotions but that’s not true. Being strong is allowing yourself to feel your emotions. The ability to look within and look at what’s screaming for nurture and attention is the true definition of strength. Placing blame on others for one’s emotions is a stunt to your own personal growth. Admitting, feeling, crying, and working with emotions is bravery. The fact that my masseur sensed my strength kept me in check. It was also a confirmation that regardless of situation I was going through, I was still strong. I was blessed with this stranger’s kindness and beautiful reminder to nudge me to keep going on this journey.

Yes, personal growth is an ongoing process but challenging trials and lessons only build up strength. The fact you’re still here and reading this. I applaud you for your strength. Bravo, bravo, bravo!

Mina <3

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from indomitable will.-Mahatma Gandhi

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