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The Universe does not cease to amaze me. Ask and you shall receive.

Two weeks ago on the day of my daughter’s birthday party, I was feeling sad and almost defeated due to many factors from slow progress with my business to losing friends while in the midst of transition. For some reason, having a party for my daughter’s birthday triggered old wounds. I laid down on the floor to meditate to feel better energetically. I asked God for a sign about how great was my greatness. I also asked Mother Mary to infused my heart with her loving and nurturing Motherly energy. Afterward, I felt better physically but not emotionally. Two hours later, there were a knock on the front door. It was a mail woman. She was showing me a mail with my name on it. I gestured that it was me. She was talking to me but I couldn’t understand her so I asked my sister to interpret for me. (FYI- I am deaf so I can’t hear or speak.) The mail woman asked if I was Psychic Medium because she saw my business name on my mail letter. She wanted to help with growing my company because it turned out she was also a Psychic Medium! That blew my mind away. On the top of it, her name was Mary. That gave me chills on my arm. The Universe heard me and responded to my requests. I believed that Mary knocked on my door was a sign to show that my greatness was indeed great and gave me a blessing to continue with my new path. I couldn’t believe that her name was Mary. That was an unbelievable sign. I was full of gratitude and blessed.

Few days ago, I prayed upon Archangel Gabriel for motivation to take healthy measures to improve my health and physical body. I’ve not give my physical body my full attention for more than a year now. Going through a transition was a lot for me to deal with. As a natural flight or fight response, I turned to chocolate to deal with stress. Needless to day, I gained weight. Of course, I was tired and sick of being tired and sick. Hence, I had to surrender the control and ask for the Divine assistance.

After work on Thursday, I had a crazy chocolate craving. I stopped by Starbucks inside the Target store but it turned out that they does not carry my favorite pastry. I went across the street to a different Starbucks. Of course they does not carry it. I immediately thought that the Universe was working with me by taking care of myself physically. I took it as a sign that I need to work with the Universe as well. I accepted the intervention and settled on a small cake pop to satisfy my craving. That was definitely not coincidence or accident at all. It was indeed the Divine intervention orchestrated by the Universe. As you go on a new and confusing path, there’s only way I can understand and trust the path I was guided to by trusting the Universe.

Another instance happened yesterday, I had a busy week working on readings for my clients and manifesting my goals as well. I took a night off to enjoy my friend’s company. Sometimes, it was perfectly okay to take few hours off to allow your vibrations reach the Universe. It allowed the Universe to put energies in the place and send opportunities your way to lead to another thing. Next morning, I had an appointment with an intuitive Medium to discuss about the possible of collaboration.  As we speak further, we realized that we have something significant which can help a lot of people by combining our gifts together. Funny thing happened while chatting with my colleague, I discovered that I have a ‘new’ ability but I did not realize I had it until my colleague pointed it out. It turned out that I was also medically intuitive with high emotional intelligence. I cannot wait to see how this will go! New venture in my business! Although, this idea is in a very early stage of development but I am so excited to see where it will leads us.

Ah… the Universe keep sending me surprises each day and I humbly embrace each gifts. I realized that all you have to do is ASK and you shall receive. The Universe will send you gifts if you put in efforts and work with the Universe. They will respond and match with your vibrations you’re sending out to the Universe. It is so important to raise your vibration. The higher your vibrations are, the greatness gifts you shall receive to help you further on your journey. Surrender and release your fears because the Universe have your back. Raise yo vibrations. Namaste.

Mina <3

The Universe doesn’t hear what you’re saying. It feels the vibration you are offering. -Abraham Hicks




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