Self-Worthiness is the Secret Ingredient 


Reflection and reevaluation continued in the past week. I was blessed to come across the path with my colleague and new spiritual friends. They did not cease coming. Actually, those were GIFTS that just does not stop coming! In the midst of meeting beautiful people, something hit me hard. I finally understood and grasped the concept of self-worthiness. It took me a bit while but with the Divine timing allowed it, I got it! Those people were divinely placed in my life for a purpose. They taught me about the important ingredient to heal and open up my heart which was to accept my worthiness.

Yes, there were several ingredients being thrown together to began your healing process but the self-worthiness was a significant part of believing that you deserved nothing but many blessings. Without feeling worthy, fears took over your mind, body, and spirit. It was hard to see the light when you’ve allowed your own shadows blocking your light. It was a dark and difficult period of your life. To lift the curtains open, you must believe that you are indeed WORTHY of joy, love, health, and abundance.

I’ve been thinking about the past relationships whether it be romantically or platonically, I realized my low self-worth played a big part in the past unhealthy relationships. I remembered feeling inferior to my Psychic and Clairvoyant friends. I never felt I was able up to par to their level, although, I was intuitive but I just did not think I was gifted enough to be able to hear and convey the messages from the Spirit. That held me back greatly for years. It just hit me now that they were not kind of friends for my highest and greatest good. It’s okay. I’ve accepted the loss and moved on because without being in their company, I grew unbelievably! My gift expanded greatly. I now understood that there was a lesson lies in the friendship. It was to push me to believe in my gift.

That goes for the romantic relationships, too. In the past relationships I had, I did not feel secure. Yes, I knew it was my fault for allowing them to hurt me but that stemmed from low self-worth. I’ve settled for less because I’ve always see the positive or potential in the partners I dated and ignored their ugly monster side but I did not think I was worthy of a great love, respect, and honor. After several failed relationships, it was hard to believe there was something great love and/or that I deserved the best. At first, I blamed the guys for being such a douche but there were a pattern in the guys I dated, I realized perhaps I was the DOUCHE! I was self-destructive.

Okay, now I got it! I needed to work on my self-worthiness. That was what I was working on and healing in the past week. That goes for you as well. You are already blessed but you just need to accept the gifts from God. Yes, yes, like everyone else who is blessed with a rich life, you can have a life of your dreams. You just need to believe that you are WORTHY of everything and more! Please accept the gifts from God because you deserve the best.

Mina <3

Make sure you don’t start seeing through the eyes of those who don’t value you. Know your worth even if they don’t. -unknown


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