Food for your Soul: Self-Care, a close look into our fears and flaws.

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What does self-care mean to you? The list and reasons is endless but sometimes, there are life events which pushed us too far to the point where we became powerless and/or sidetracked us. After going through the life-altering events, we finally reached the end of the situation, we paused and looked closely at ourselves. We realized that we forgot to take care of ourselves. But why? Is it done on intentional? or unintentional? Most often, it was done with intention in order to avoid looking very closely within us.

While I was going through a transition into my authentic self and allow my gifts of communicating with the Spirit grew at its pace. I remembered feeling in daze and incredibly confused. I was not sure where I was going or which step to take. Physically, opening my third eye chakra took a toll on me. Third Eye Chakra is a life energy flow and the center of intuition. I battled horrible headaches everyday for good two weeks then I got a break for bit then it came back. It went on like this for good 2 months. Stress level was so high trying to catch up with my psychic visions as well as researching everything I see to assist with my understanding and gain insight into the psychic visions I had. It was a rapid ascension I experienced.

The ascension experience often had it’s ups and downs but I had a poor ideology about how to deal with the new changes. I took a quick route to make it easier on me which was binging on chocolates. I ate a huge chocolate chip muffin DAILY. It gave me temporary relief but it did not make them go away. My ascension began last year in March 2015. I weighted at about 120 and now I’ve ballooned to 150. At this point of my life, I felt very bloated and very conscious of my ‘new’ body. I just kept eating and eating. I couldn’t stop. I had an amazing relationship with chocolate chip muffin. I often wondered why and how did I began to binge on chocolates. In order to understand the why, I had to look at myself. I did not want to go to that certain place but it was about the control. Admittedly, I have hard time letting go of the control. In a sense, eating chocolate was a way that I was still in control.

I hated psychic headaches and ascension symptoms. Unknowingly, I was resisting the changes that the Spirit was helping me with. Resistance and the need to control was something I’ve tried to master in the past year but it failed me. Although, I’ve healed so many things on myself, raised my vibrations as well as increased confidence in my psychic readings but I’ve become very uncomfortable in my physical body. The balance of my mind, spirit, and physical was very out of proportion. Like I said, resisting the changes failed me miserably because now I am forced to look closely in my fears and flaws. Instead of resisting and control the natural flow of life, I decided to finally surrender the control. Acceptance was a major keyword I’ve learned this year. Regardless where the river of life was taking me, I learned to enjoy the ride. I realized it was much easier to let go of the control and my fears. I am more happier and calm. I am able to understand and accept my flaws. Thus, I’ve decided to embrace the new changes and accept that it was a part of my spiritual growth as well as personal growth. That was a push I needed to take care of myself physically.

The Spirit was helping me the whole time by seeing that I was already a whole and complete Divine being. Being mindful of what was going on with me was a significant stepping stone in my spiritual journey. Although, that meant admitting your flaws and deep fears which was difficult but it was time to part apart from them because they were no longer serving me anymore. In the mindfulness, I learned what was important to me and made new priorities as well as learning to enjoy every moment. My new priorities now consists of adding yoga practice, physical exercise, and writing as a part of my self-care methods. Yes, I’ve dabbed in yoga and physical exercise but I was not consistent. Being consistent with physical care is now my top priority to elevate the balance of mind, spirit, and body proportionately.  I now enjoy and embrace yoga practice because it helped me go deep within me and wake the Divine power in me.

Again, I am asking you what does self-care means to you? The answers might differs from everyone but the bottom line of self-care was to honor the temple in you which it was your physical body that carried your Divine Soul. Namaste.

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  1. You are taking tiny steps to your new self and I am so enjoying your progress. Do not rush yourself..take your time and DO IT FOR YOU..that is of paramount importance. You are the only one who can run your life, make decisions for you and until you truly love MINA..a healthy relationship is impossible. I not only love being Marilyn and all the changes I knew I had to make to gain self-respect…I am MY OWN BEST FRIEND. I even talk to the fabulous woman in the mirror regularly. It all takes time and is so rewarding. Your daughter will be a much healthier woman an start earlier to become as confident and self- assured with you as her mom.. Talk with her about ghonorin her teeth and hair, bathing and reading..if started early she will learn what you are learning now.. You two are so blessed to have each other..and I an blessed to have my Mina..your special mama..xoxox

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