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Today was about exactly one year ago when I opened a new door. As I reflected, I realized that I CREATED and OPENED the door to where I am right now. I’ll explain more about that in a bit. I would never imagine I would be here at this point of my life- juggling responsibilities from being a Mom to a toddler, day job as an instructional assistant for Deaf, mentor, Psychic Medium to building a spiritually based business. Let’s not forget about my favorite activity-blogging. Put that on the top of the already full plate. Am I tired? Yes, a bit but I never felt so alive than ever. I finally found my purpose besides being a Mom to a wonderful and brilliant daughter.

As I opened the door to this journey, I realized that all those years I never felt I was ‘advanced’ and/or ‘gifted’ enough to do readings. Fear was not the primary cause. Feeling unworthy was the primary cause. I’ve doubt myself so many times. I’ve watered down my talents and gifts mainly due to not feeling deserving of best kind of love. Instead of looking within and pushing myself, I stayed in my comfort zone surrounded with ‘safe’ friends. I was also always looking for approval and opinions from my trusted friends. I did not think I trust myself to make decisions because after mistake after mistake, one would think when will they make a ‘right’ decision? There are countless times where I’ve turned to my friends for advice and resolution. I remember feeling overwhelmed about many options about how to deal with life circumstances. Rather than speaking with my spirit and intuition to find resolution, I ran to my friends for their two cents but that often confused me even more.

This past year I was compelled to rely on my intuition to create solutions as well as seeking for signs and confirmations surrounding me. Yes, I’ve ask for spiritual guidance from my conscious friends but it is entirely up to me and my responsibility about how to move forward with my decisions. It was difficult because it would be nice to be spoon-fed with answers and allow the problem worked out on its own but it is ultimately my responsibility and my problems. It is tough to face it alone but at the same time, it built up my strength and character. It is essential to have a ‘thick’ skin as a Psychic, however, be compassionate at the same time. I learned the hard way to ignore negative criticism and energies. It is still difficult but I think I am better at it than ever. I also learned a great lesson years ago that said something similar to this, “If you can accept that you are physically alone on the earth, then you can handle life no problem.” This can be interpreted in many ways in any way it is valid to you. To me, it is all about facing yourself and tapping into your talents to navigate through life and manifesting your dreams all by yourself rather than relying on people to make decisions for you.

Just like I decided to follow my intuition to practice reading the cards. I choose to tap into my talents and it exploded. Thus, I created that opportunity and many doors were open awaiting for me to walk through. Staying in the comfort zone would not get me where I am right now. One year ago, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and I never knew that there was a great gift waiting for me at the end of the tunnel. Boy, you better believe that I never look back. Absolutely no regrets at all for all those years where I feared my own gifts because I believe it happened at the right timing at this point of my life. Those experiences taught and brought me here for a reason, so I might show or inspire people not to be afraid of their own Divine power. Those experiences also showed me how to live the life according to my joy and love.

My ultimate goal is be a writer and sell inspirational books. That was the main reason I began this blog because I knew I could write but I have ignored it for years. Now, I am inspired more than ever to write but most important of all, writing from my heart and soul is what brought me to share my life with you guys. This is my way to tell you that I truly believe in you and your talents. No one really tells me they believe in me or encourage me to open up my gifts. Although, it was my fault for allowing people to make me feel inferior or believe that I am not able to par up to their level but if they said they BELIEVE in me, that might made a difference in me years ago. That doesn’t matter anymore. There’s no need to dwell in the past because it happened for a reason. I believe that reason is for me to tell you that I definitely believe in you. I’ve been told I am a bit possessive and direct but that’s my way of showing you that I SEE YOU. I SEE YOUR TALENTS. I SEE IT IN YOU. I BELIEVE IN YOU.  You definitely have the ability to use your inner talents to manifest your dreams. Don’t wait any longer. Right now is the most perfect timing for you to step out of your comfort zone and share your beautiful divine gifts with the world. You will never know what’s waiting for you at the end of the tunnel if you do not take the action. Go ahead and open that door. I’ll be right here with you, rooting for you!


Mina <3

If the opportunity doesn’t exist, create it. -Brett Blumenthal



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