Food for your Soul: Taking the First Life-Altering Step

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Changes are scary as shit. We are often paralyzed in our fear of changes. We are sick and tired of being in a rut. We want to change our lives for better but how, when, what, or where? Just thinking about those questions takes us back to square one. We are paralyzed in our mental jail. Thinking about it constantly and overanalyzing it only push us back further in our mental jail. Paralysis of mind is in the full effect.

“I don’t know how! I don’t know what I want to do? I don’t think I can do it. I’m not strong. My life is over. I’m not good person. I’m a horrible person!” Those statements I’ve heard many times during the reading with my clients. I am going to be honest here. Yes, they were right if they think they are horrible person or incapable of moving forward. Only thing that hinders people from moving forward are their negative mindset and negative talk. There are many factors that hinder people from reaching their highest goals but all it comes down to negative talk and poor perception of what it takes to reach their goals.

One think it takes a sit-down and create an elaborate outline of plans but not really. Sometimes, you create plans along the steps. All it takes by taking that first life-altering step toward your goals.  I am going off the point here but it is like taking a leap of faith with hope that somehow you’ll reach your destination. Faith is imperative when taking that first step toward changes. With faith, you will be able to see the chances at a better life. Yes, along the journey, setbacks are bound to happen but don’t stay behind with those setbacks. All you can do is get back up. Keep moving forward and keep your eyes on your goals.

Now, back to that first step. What is the first step? No one really know but you do know. For instance, if you want to lose some weight but does not have a motivation, the first step would be going to gym to walk on the treadmill for 10 minutes. Once you step a foot in the gym, try to stay a bit longer than 10 minutes to see if you can motivate yourself. Then, you go back to gym next day and try again. This time stay on the treadmill for 20 minutes and so forth on but you might not be going back the very next day. That’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up for skipping the gym. Building a relationship with treadmill takes time. As long as you make it your goal by going to gym consistently. That would be the first step. As you increase your confidence and a sense of accomplishment, you see more opportunities to enhance your health and about how you can stick to your weight loss goal. Thus, you’re motivated and making plans such as planning meals for the week to keep you on your program and finding a way to deal with stress. As time goes, you find a way to break out of that mental jail.

The first step is all it takes to change your mindset. Our mental is powerful influence on our happiness. When you are accustomed to a certain way of living, you’ve wired your mindset a certain way for years. Naturally, it is difficult to de-wire it but taking the first life-altering step is a start to de-wire your mindset. It doesn’t matter what the first step is but it is a start toward changes. The major factor in succeeding your goals is CONSISTENCY. I cannot emphasis enough about being consistent with your goals. I found this secret to success during the early of building my spiritually based business. Blogging consistently was one of my major goals. I never knew how much work it takes and how time-consuming it is. It is draining at times but only because I was not accustomed to be writing a substantial blog. Almost a year later, I am still de-wiring my mindset but I’ve gotten much better at blogging.

Like I have mentioned in one of my blogs that my ultimate goal is to become a writer and sell inspirational books. I don’t know how to get there but writing in my blog is the first step. I am devoting my energy and time to writing. That is one of the manifestations. Devoting your time and energy toward manifesting your goal speak volumes to the Universe. The Universe will match your vibrations and send you opportunities to get there. Perhaps one day someone with a connection to writing agency or publishing agency will find my blog and perhaps ask me to write a book. Who knows? If it doesn’t happen, that’s okay. I love writing. It is my true passion. Following my passion is what brings me joy.

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  1. Thank you, Mina! Your words have inspired me to work harder to get out of the stagnant water I seem to be flailing in right now.

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