Food for your Soul: Letting Go of Fears, Control, Doubts, Anger, and Past.

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Letting go is an extremely hard thing to do. Letting go of that safe space where you feel very comfortable and knowing what will happen within your control. That can often increase anxiety and fears. That is probably what’s stopping people from seizing the opportunities to grow. They are afraid to feel the unsettling emotions because they are very uncomfortable but no changes are ever comfortable. Within time, changes will become your best decisions you’ve ever made. Not many realize that what they’ve been praying for is right under their noses. The answers to your prayers are outside of that safe space. That also demands full surrender of control. Stepping out of the safe nest will show you who you truly are and the endless opportunities.

The most common thing I’ve seen in the readings with my clients that they cannot let go of their past. Past issues are often traumatic and painful, which are understandably but it doesn’t mean you have to live in the past, holding on that painful memories and replay the video over and over and over. That will hold you GREATLY far back in the dark room behind the store with endless and forgotten boxes. Watching the life passing by you from the sidelines is the most harmful thing you can do to yourself. It aches my heart when I see my clients holding on tightly on their past memories. As time goes by, my client develops a space full of fears, doubt, anger, and control. When they face a situation where they have to change the direction of their life, they immediately opened up that space and release anger and fears toward the opportunity to change their life around for better. Imagine opening a can of worms and worms are flying everywhere, pushing away the opportunity. When the opportunity moves on to the next person who is ready to accept it, the client crawled back in their safe space with their fears, closing off the opportunities to live in peace. Not a great sight, isn’t it? That’s how I see in my readings with my clients. I can only do much by giving spiritual guidance but it is entirely up to them to take an action toward self-improvement.

Past issues are not only one common issue among my clients. Self-doubt is probably at the same level as past issues as the primary cause for holding themselves back from reaching the highest potential of self. As a child, we learn through our parents’ examples and relied upon them to show us how to live our lives. We, as children, also look up to our parents for approval and permission to move ahead with our decisions. Some of us are blessed with great parents who allow us fly and fall on our faces but they picked us up to fly again. Some of us are blessed with difficult but greatest lessons to overcome obstacles on our own. All of us grow up in different upbringings and learn things differently. As we grow, we experience different lessons in the encounters with the world and we learn how to get through difficult circumstances. Life is mystery and difficult but BEAUTIFUL.

In this life, we also learn how to duck, cover, jump, and/or being hit with curveball that the life throw at us. When we got hit with the curveballs, fears came out to play with us but the lesson lies in there because it forced us to go within and tap into our wisdom and intuition about how to recover from the beating of the curveball. Being hit with a curveball is probably the most painful ever and you get a bruise as a result but the physical pain does not last. When you are in pain physically, that is when you begin to doubt that you will recover from it. You might develop a thought, where you think you deserve it for doing something wrong. You also might develop doubt in yourself for making a ‘right’ decision because being hit with a curveball was a consequence for making a ‘wrong’ decision. Thus, the self-doubt to survive the life on Earth increase as time goes by. Self-doubt is not allowing you to take a leap of faith. Taking a leap of faith is necessary because you will not know how far you will go unless you jump in the water blindly. Most often, the results are pleasant. Faith and intuition goes hand in hand because so what if you got hit with a curveball? Yes, it hurts a LOT but what can you do? Nothing but recover from it, learns from your mistakes, and then, move on. It takes willingness and acceptance to understand the lesson. When you are in a state of acceptance, you also gain wisdom and strength as well as confidence in making decisions on your own. Soon or later, you will not need people’s approval or two cents to nudge you toward a direction. You will be in the charge of your life by using your inner GPS and intuition.

Believe me, I am far from perfection. I have my own doubts, fears, and control. I learned a great deal about myself this past year. Not too long ago I had a conversation with an intimate friend of mine who made a point that I still live in the past unknowingly. It was hard to hear someone, who I care about, to be criticizing me but only because it also hurting my friend. I crawled back in the dark room but I only got far to the door, with my fears shouting behind me. I knew my friend had well intentions. It was very uncomfortable to hear but it was a constructive criticism, which helped me greatly. It also made me sad with this powerful realization that I have not let go of fears. It also opened my eyes that I almost lose the opportunity to build a great intimate relationship with my friend. I was also this close to losing this great friendship due to my fears, doubts, and past. In that moment, I also understood the lesson and learned from it about how can I move on from my past and to close the door to the dark room. It is UNCOMFORTABLE but I cannot afford missing the opportunity for a great love or perhaps to finally grow up. Slowly but surely making progress toward letting go of that safe space and pushing my boundaries. My friendship is improving each day and love grow minute by minute. I am embracing this progress and opportunity because I know I will grow and become the best woman I know I am.

When you are finally letting go of the safe space, you are also on the way to healing. Letting go also allows you to grow and seizing the opportunities you’ve been praying for. If you do not let go, you might not know what it is like to live freely with joy and love. There is no right time to let go of fears, control, doubts, anger, and past. You might as well do it now. If you wait, life is passing by and you’re growing old minute by minute. Please don’t wait anymore. Come and re-join the life. Life is full of many beautiful gifts. One of them might open up a great love of your life, a great career, a great house, a great friend, a great car, a great trip, and many great opportunities that remind you how beautiful Life is.

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