Full Moon Release Ritual: Following the Signs and Doing the Emotional Work

Full Moon

I’ve been getting several requests about how to do the release ritual under the Full Moon. I know with many sources that it can be confusing about how to do it, however, this is a personal experience for everyone and it don’t matter how you want to do it. It varies to individuals and their level of comfort about how they want to do this ritual under the Full Moon. I will share a simple release ritual that I usually do.

First of all, before you begin writing down the things you want to release at your Full Moon ritual, I need to emphasize that this is not something you can hope that somehow your fears will be diminished or eliminated magically. You cannot just write it down and it goes away magically. That’s not how it works. It need to come from your deepest guts and heart knowing that you’re willing to do the work and release it. Write down what you are ready and willing to say your goodbyes to them. It can be anything from your attitudes, emotions, relationships, people, illness, pain, habits, addictions, and anything that is not serving you any longer. Write directly from your heart knowing that you will have to do emotional work after the Full Moon. Procrastination is a good example and you are ready to release this habit. After the Full Moon release ritual, you will take the baby steps breaking the habit such as creating a goal each day to put a halt on procrastinating tendencies. It can be recognizing what triggers it and learn how to get around it. Each day, you will slowly gain confidence that you can accomplish your goals on the time.

Releasing the procrastination habit under the Full Moon is releasing the energy attached to it and allow the Universe to send you opportunities to break your habit. It is mainly about releasing the energies attached to things, people, circumstances, and etc. that are not helping you. In turn, the Universe shall send you signs about how to break them off for good. Releasing people who are not supportive is a great instance. For a reason, you are ready to live out your purpose and need a tribe of loving and supportive people to help you along the way. In order to attract supportive people, you would have to let go of people in your life that are dragging you down. It is like the saying, “Make room for new things, you need to clear the room first.” Although, it can be painful letting go of familiarity but always remember that better opportunities will come. For this particular release, write down saying you are ready to release those people to welcome new people to help you with your Divine mission. Afterwards, scale down the time you spend with them and stay away from places that your ‘former’ friends use to hang out. In the meantime, you can pray for new friends that are loving and positive. Be sure to keep your eyes, ears, heart, and intuition open for signs and opportunities to find new friends and finally release things that are not serving you anymore.

Not only that you have to follow the signs but you also have to do emotional work. It is significant to notice and understand the emotional triggers that might be pulling you back in self-destructive cycle. Finding new friends can be nerve-wrecking but it is not to be feared of. You might end up feeling lonely on a Saturday night and you are tempting to call up on your ‘old’ friends (the same friends you release under the Full Moon) but stop yourself and find out why are you feeling lonely. Is the loneliness based on boredom? Is the loneliness based on lack of self-worth? Is the loneliness based on fear of being alone? Perhaps you don’t want to sit by yourself with your thoughts running through your mind. Whatever the reason is, stop yourself and be very willing to look within to find the answer to your loneliness. I am pretty sure that it might be based on fears that you might not find new friends. Be assured that the Universe is on your side because they heard your prayers and what you release on the Full Moon. In the meantime, use this opportunity to read up on a book that you’ve meaning to read or research into a certain career that is calling you. Being alone on a Saturday night is not a necessarily bad thing because you have more time and energy to figure out what you want to do in this life. It is imperative that you devote your time and energy into understanding your purpose because it will increase your vibrations which will attract people that might help you carry out your dreams. Soon or later, you will be busy with new friends and you will no longer feel lonely on a Saturday night. Perhaps you will appreciate the solitude and tranquility on a Saturday night. I can assure you that your perspective about being alone will shift.

I am getting a feeling that the above is food for your thoughts. Take your time and think very carefully about what or which things/fears you are ready and willing to do the work. If you already know, then great! I am so proud of you! Now, find a sacred space that you feel comfortable and safe. Lit a candle to build a calming mood to your environment. It is essential you are calm and comfortable. That will bring you into a state of inspiration. Pray upon God and Archangel Gabriel to help you to articulate your needs/wants in words. Archangel Gabriel is a messenger for God and assists people with communication. Take out your journal or a piece of paper that you’re willing to burn. Write down without hesitation about your fears or things that you want to release. An example of writing goes like this:

I am ready to release my fear for a loving relationship.

I am ready to release my job that is not carrying out my Divine mission.

I am releasing my ex for good to allow a new partner that is for my highest and greatest good.

I am ready to release resistance toward new opportunities that will enhance my life for better.

I am ready to release my fear to live on my own.

I choose to release this with grace and ease for my greatest and highest good with unconditional self-love and self-acceptance.

And so it is done. Amen.

You can write however you like according to your needs and wants. Be sure it is something that you are willing to work through this. When you are done, fold it into several times because it is easier and quicker to burn. Walk outside under the Full Moon with your candle. Pray upon Mother Moon, “Dear Mother Moon, God, and the Universe, please hear my needs and wants. (Here is when you’ll read aloud or think aloud your paper you are releasing) Amen.” Put your folded paper above the candle and allow it burn the paper. Put it in a fire-resistant bowl and watch it burn and ashes flying away. Be sure the paper is completely burned with no signs of paper left.

Oh, and, don’t forget to bring out your crystals with you to allow the Full Moon to recharge and cleanse your crystals. I like leaving my crystals out at the nighttime under the Full Moon, then in the early morning, I will get them back in the house. This is my simple release ritual. Easy, right? Like I said, this is a personal experience for everyone and it doesn’t matter how you do about it but your energy and effort into releasing things that are no longer helping you speak volumes.


Today is June 20th, 2016. A first day of Summer Solitude AND Full Moon on the same day! This has not seen in about 70 years! Talk about heightened sensitivity and psychic insights! I read up on several sources about what significant this day is. To my understanding that the Sun is at its highest away from the Earth and the Moon is at its lowest close to Earth. I interpret that the Sun is illuminating our deepest root of fears, hence, the closest Moon it is to our Earth. The closest it is, it is bringing out that deep and stubborn weed that is paralyzing us from living out our Divine mission. Here’s a link with few great articles about the Full Moon in Sagittarius and Summer Solstice: http://www.mysticmamma.com/full-moon-in-sagittarius-solstice-june-20th-2016/

I pray for you to tap into your courage and strength to face your fears for it will help you further in your journey and attain your dreams. Seize this opportunity while the Mother Moon is illuminating her brilliance to release fears and things for GOOD. The door to abundance is wide open awaiting for you to walk through. If not now, when? Don’t wait anymore. This is your time to turn your life around for better and I bet you will never look back with a huge grin from ear to ear. Happy Full Moon!

Many Blessings,

Mina <3


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