Food for your Soul: What is your Truth trying to tell you?


As it seems that our ‘Truth’ is heavily emphasized this year, it is becoming more important than ever. Why? This year is 2016. Let’s reduce it to a single digit, which comes down to ‘9’. In numerology, it is all about endings things that are hurting and hindering our growth in each aspect of our lives. You might experience intense endings in relationships, friendships, career, home, family, and old paradigms this year.

It is when your Truth finally comes out. This year it is pushing your envelopes and pushing you far until you are on the edges. Naturally, it is making you angry, sad, frustrated, irritable, and overwhelmed but Truth does not make you feel such emotions. It is you resisting it is what cause your emotional circuit to become overloaded.

Truth is like an annoying fly that does not go away. It keeps circling and kissing your face and body. You shoo them away again and again. They cannot leave you alone. You become irritable and your fury is burning. Your arms are waving like crazy, trying to stop those flies from bothering you.

What would happen if you tried a different approach? Let’s say you stay calm and be still? What do you think would happen the next? You guess it right. Although the annoying fly will still be on your face it will not bother you. How and why? After taking few deep breaths, you are able to stay still and calm. Stillness and calm bring you back to your center. In the stillness and breathing, you are releasing stress.

Another thing happened while being centered. You learn to accept what is in your life. It depends on how you perceive it. You can either allow it (or the annoying fly in this case) take over your existence and ruin your chance at attaining peace or accept it, you’ll get exactly what you react.

Acceptance does not mean accepting the limits the society put on us but rather accepting that you put limits on yourself. Acceptance means you know you are responsible for your reactions. It encourages you to take responsibility what you allow penetrate your mind, body, and soul. That is what acceptance can do for both of you and the fly. If you can accept to coexist with fly, nothing will truly bother you.

It is much like accepting the Truth. If you can stop resisting it, you will not become fearful, angry, sad, frustrated or irritable. Truth is simply reminding you of your Truth. My Truth tries to speak with me years ago when I was in the early stage of spiritual awakening. It was very confusing time because I was figuring out what was being ‘spiritual’ meant.

For instance, I remember driving by a store with a huge sign that spells out, “PSYCHIC READING,” I almost had a panic attack or tightness in my chest increasing my fears. I turn my head looking forward to the road, trying to think something happy and forget about that ‘scary’ store. I get tightness in my chest every single time I drive by any store that had the wording of ‘psychic,’ ‘palm reading,’ and/or spiritual stores. I was scared of that world but I did not know why.

Any spiritual or religious materials freaked me out but later on, I learned that there is nothing to be scared of. I learned about fear while attending a Catholic school. I presume spirituality is also ‘bad’ because I associate it with religion but again; I was trying to be open-minded and understand about it. Being open-minded is also important because, along the way, you try to learn about everything and find what speaks to you. Over the time, I learned that spirituality is much more than being ‘New Ager’ but it is truly about being at peace and ease with who you are regardless of how you choose to live your life.

Back to the Psychic Reading store, at the time I was already taught about fear and seeing the store did not make me feel good but very recent, I realize why and what creates the tightness in my chest. It was MY TRUTH and intuition trying to speak to me. At the time, I was living in fear and obviously not ready to see Truth. I resisted it so much and tried to forget about it! I was creating the tightness in my chest!

Years later, I learnt to surrender and face my fears. I walk through my fears by buying my first Angel Tarot deck. Oddly, familiarity and peace come over my body after touching the cards. I thought to myself, “Oh, my! This feels incredibly good!” I literally had a stupid smile grinning from ear to ear on my face. It was an ‘Ah-ha’ moment. I was so excited to read the cards. The little girl inside of me is jumping up and down cheerily. Perhaps it was my Angels’ doing by sprinkling joy dust over me and I felt it! But I dived into that world what used to be scary but not anymore. It was my HOME.

Mina <3

“On the other side of fear lies your Truth.” -Mina Reyes



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