Detachments in Love

In my previous blog, Disillusionment in Love, I spoke about how I created a fairytale world in my mind with a romantic individual I was interested in and how I have brought reality to my illusionary relationship. It also taught me how to detach negative attachments to Love. It was a major cause in creating an imaginary relationship in my mind due to my own ego fears and yet it brought me grief over and over again.

Not only that I disillusioned the fairytale relationship, I also learned to separate fear attachments from Love. I often talk about Divine Love in my blogs and cards of the day. It might be most misunderstood and misinterpreted. The meaning of Divine Love needs to be explained and to be brought back to its rightful place.

I have been trying to convey from the Spirit to what the actual meaning of the Divine Love was. Divine Love was a Love in the purest form of Love without any attachments or strings to it. Actually, It was essentially an energy connecting to the Source or God. We are all made of energy. Let me share an excerpt from “The Emotion Code” by Dr. Bradley Nelson:

“If you can put your hand under the microscope, you’ll see odd organisms moving. Then you zoom in closer, you’ll find teeny organism moving. You cannot see it with your physical eyes but your hand is made of energy! Atoms sticking together to make a solid. “

Without going into the scientific details about how atoms work but this is the basic idea of what an energy is made of. With that said, you are made of Love energy.

People often misinterpreted that Love hurts. It was likely they’ve experienced the highs of Love and exhilarating lovely feeling when they fell in love with someone, however, inevitably, the relationship might come to an end for a reason. When you broke up with someone you loved deeply, you experienced grief.

Now, that was a natural response. It was not an indication that there was anything wrong with you. You were grieving over the loss of familiarity and the essence of the person you loved, which I will explain in a bit.

After recovering from the breakup experience, you might unconsciously carry the hurt around. For instance, when you received an opportunity to meet a new potential love partner, you might be retreating back in your ‘comfort zone’ and immediately pinpointed out their flaws or negative traits. It was all your ego fears doing to ‘protect’ you from getting hurt again.

It was also due to the painful memories and hurt you’ve to carry with you from the breakup experience. Past unhealthy relationship was also one of the reasons you might be finding yourself in the ‘comfort’ corner and pushing people away.

Please know that Love does not hurt at all. Love IS beautiful, breathtaking, exhilarating, inspiring, and loving energy. It was also a huge inspiration behind all your dreams, goals, and life. Love was an inner fire within you, motivating you to reach your dreams and fulfill them. It also brought you to a love partner.

That was where the misinterpretation and misunderstanding began of what Love actually was. The person carrying hurt and ego fears from the breakup and unhealthy relationship were​ creating negative attachments to Love because the past relationship does not work out for some reason. So, one must think Love hurts and was fearful to go through the painful breakup or even to Love again.

It was not the case at all. Love does not hurt. Breakup hurts because you were no longer creating memories, happiness, and life with the former partner. In the relationship, you and your partner became One as your energies met and transformed. Naturally, parting from other’s energy was painful because you invested your emotions, time, Love, and energy into this relationship.

Parting away from that essence created grief. Healing was essential after parting away from someone’s energy.

AGAIN, Love does NOT hurt.

Parting away from someone you made love with, made beautiful memories, had fights with, and blended energies together HURT. The familiarity no longer exists. The memories were fading but never vanished. Not wanting to accept that your relationship had ended HURT.

Love does NOT hurt.

It was the essence, memories, and energy of the other partner you missed. Love was the most beautiful and breathtaking, which bonded you guys together in the first place. Be grateful for the person you shared your life with because they were a part of your spiritual journey and personal growth which will bring you to accept Love in your heart regardless.

Love and breaking up with someone were two different things. Love was one energy and breaking up from someone’s energy was another energy. Both energies were completely different energies. Separate those energies. Detach pain from Love.

Consequently, Love became attached to the painful breakup. Thus, your ego fears were created to ‘protect’ you and your heart from getting hurt again. Repeat: LOVE DOES NOT HURT!

In order to welcome loving and supportive relationship, please break down your hardened wall around your heart and squash those ego fears supposedly to ‘protect’ you because you are lovable and deserves Love! Detach illusion and ego fears from Love. Detach Love from that last painful breakup.

I will say this one more time, Love does NOT hurt.

Changing your perception about Love was vital to welcome beautiful people in your life. Tell yourself that Love does not hurt again and again and again until you believe in Love again. Tell yourself that the last relationship ended for a reason. It no longer fitted with your energy. You shall find someone and his/her energy fits with you and transforms​ with your enlightening energy.

Love was what brings you together in the first place! Do not be afraid to show, share, and express Love in most authentic possible.

Expression of Love was an expression of who you truly are. That is the Divine Love.


Mina <3


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