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So, last night I had a dream I was hitting my baby daddy. I remembered I was livid and I had this burning rage to hit harder and harder. I could not stop hitting. I was blind in rage. Then, I woke up. Anger and hurt from the dream were seeping into reality. I became angry but before I allowed my anger to get the best of me, I looked up for the meaning of “hitting someone” in dream dictionary at It said:


To dream that you hit something or someone symbolizes unexpressed anger and aggression. You tend to keep your negative feelings inside instead of expressing them in a healthy way.

I thought to myself, “repressed anger?” but then I remembered another dream prior to this dream.
I was making love with a male. Usually, when you make love with someone, it means you need to incorporate the aspect of the dream sex partner (symbolism of something you gave this person in your real life) into your character.
My personal symbolism of that sex partner was masculinity. I need to elevate the masculinity in me to stand my ground. I was drowning in sensitivity and femininity. The past few months, the Universe has been sending me empowerment lessons.
Suddenly, it all made sense! I had an epiphany earlier this morning. I now know why I was suffering and my own light was dimming. Like I mentioned yesterday in my insightful energy update on my Facebook page, you might receive an epiphany about certain people who you thought were an important part of your life and had a mad spiritual love for you but it doesn’t necessarily mean their love is without conditions or limitations.
I have accepted love from others BUT they were limited or restricted due to their own fears/insecurities. I found myself feeling small and I actually felt responsible in some way for their restricted love OR I would accept that it was okay if they had to refrain themselves from sharing love fully without shame.
But in that same moment, I have allowed it to dim my light. It was like I was ashamed of my own light. I was suffering. I was suffering from the restricted love. I realized now that was NOT OKAY at all.
If people around you have to change how they love you or share friendship differently than what you need, you do not have to accept less.
You do not have to tolerate half-assed love or should you feel small just because they had to change how they share the love with you due to whatever reasons in their life. It doesn’t mean you have to step down to their level or hide you from being seen in their life.
Be proud of yourself. Stand proudly in your light and love. There is no absolute reason should you hide your light or change who you are according to people around you.
Love does not make you feel small. It does not make you feel ashamed. Love is without judgment, shame, or fears. Love is accepting, welcoming, and loving who you are.

“Let your Light shine. Be source of strength and courage. Share your wisdom. Radiate Love.”- Wilferd Peterson

If people are acting or sharing differently, it does not mean there is anything wrong with you! It simply means they are afraid or have their own issues. When you encounter that kind of experience, pray for them and walk away. You do not have to suffer anymore. Recognize the patterns and lesson before you get sucked into their own suffering.
That meant I have to make difficult choices but I will not suffer anymore. I know as soon as I make those choices based on self-love, I’ll be attracting the opportunities and people that want to do nothing but to inspire and love me.
With that said, I finally understood why a lot of people are struggling and feeling lost. You are suffering from not being supported or being loved for who you are. Yes, I totally get the confusion feeling when you thought those people in your life were good people.
Yes, they are good people but they are also suffering. It does not mean you have to suffer together. You need someone who walks the talk and motivate each other to reach our high potential.
Most important of all, it is completely safe and essential to stand your ground. Again, this epiphany taught me to not to accept anything less and quit feeling small! This suffering has been holding me back from growing professionally, spiritually, personally, and physically.
Off the point but I had a feeling that you might be having a similar situation as me because another day I was asked a difficult question. “What do you want your life to look like? What’s the next step in that direction?”
I was stumbled. I had no idea. I thought I knew the answers to those questions but I felt sad because I didn’t know how to answer that. Does that mean I’m stupid or lost? No, No.
Although, it took me few days to process my thoughts the epiphany from this morning showed me that it was okay if I didn’t have the perfect answer. I understood why this transition was difficult for me and for most of you because everything had to be burned and torn apart.
You might also have a sobering experience like I did where I could see how my internalized pain had affected my life and my external surrounding. It was painful to witness the effects but it was necessary for me to see it so I can clean everything that was weighing me down.
I HAD to feel it in order to purify everything including my flawed perception, loneliness, desperation, and pain. Essentially, I was removing the ‘pain’ filter lens from my camera.
I am able to see life clearly in its own beauty, light, and love. I also realized I was not being in my light. This forced me to take another look at people in my life. They reflected the negative side of me (hiding, secretive, shame) or do not reflect my heart (light, beauty, love).
I don’t know how I want my life to look like or achieve my dream life or even answer to those questions but I know the answer to, “What’s the next step in that direction?” My answer is, “I’ll walk toward the light and love. “
The old road had to be burned to start fresh. The road in front of me has not been paved yet but it is up to me how I want to build it. Maybe I’ll add the gemstones along the edge of the path. I have not decided yet but it is going to be full of flowers, love, and gems.
Mina <3
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