Restructuring your Belief System: Breaking Away from Fears

once you become fearless life become limitless

I thought I knew. I thought my belief system was secure but it wasn’t perfect. There was a room for improvement. I knew there were more than what I’ve learned. I thought that being a beacon of light and love was more than enough. Soon enough, I was sent on a philosophical ride.
The first half of this year showed me how limited my belief system was. I do not want to say limited but there was not enough depth to it. There were still unhealed parts or societal conditioned parts in my belief system that does not serve me good and it needed to go.
For months, I was very confused and anxiety-ridden because I found myself questioning my belief system and spirituality. Frankly, I was mainly triggered by Doreen Virtue’s announcement that she got baptized and was reborn Christian. Absolutely, the confusion and betrayal overwhelmed me because she was the main reason why I started my Psychic/Tarot Card reading business. Doreen gave me the confidence to explore my psychic gifts without fears.
Then, I saw her public video explaining how she will base her work on Christianity and Jesus’s teachings from now on. As you can imagine how gobsmacked I was and felt lost because it might mean what I have been doing the whole time was ‘wrong.’
Not that I am against Jesus and his teaching. I absolutely love his beautiful words but it was Doreen’s decision to renounce the use of Tarot cards and using her God-given gift to make prediction created the anxiety in me. It got me questioning my psychic gifts whether I was utilizing them for a higher good and serving God for our highest intentions.
There was also a lot of information swirling in the spirituality community leading me to believe that there was more to the reality that​ we have been living in. I was constantly questioning my belief system and figuring out what was the absolute truth. The level of distress increased as I try to figure out the ONE truth.
It felt as if my belief system and my identity as a psychic was thrown in the washing machine and gone through multiple cycles of flushing down with water and soap. Then, repeat and repeat and repeat. Needless to say,  I was holding onto the little string of hope to sit still on the ride.
After a long ride, I finally received an insight. After all the confusion about how can I utilize my psychic gifts to serve God and people, I realized it doesn’t matter what I believe in or that there was not really an absolute truth. It doesn’t matter at all because everyone drums to their own path just like Doreen Virtue did. She was following a new path that would lead her to joy and love. As much as I respect her decision to change her path, I get it.
I get it now why the Universe sent me spinning left and right constantly because I was to reexamine my belief system to truly latch on that one thing that gave me hope and to keep me going. Although it was extremely uncomfortable I came out of it feeling stronger and confident with using my psychic gifts without fear of repercussions.
Speaking of confidence, I encourage you to be open-minded and open-hearted to every beliefs or theory out there and then, you can determine what or which feel right to you. You can also take in nature’s messages and create your own conclusion. Everyone has different paths and purposes but it doesn’t mean you have to share a similar path if it does not warm your heart.
That was not the only insight I received but another profound insight which I think was very important for everyone. Your belief system is not to be questioned or criticized as long as you are happy and doing what you love to do.
That might sound like a cliche or hippie quote but keep your heart and mind open. A lot of people are living in fears because they might believe that they cannot accomplish their dreams without the help or intervention from the government but think about it.
The fact you are fearing the government is based on the fear mechanism trapping you into the world of illusion and fears. It is another example of how your belief system might be created by the society. Is it taught by the fear conditioned environment or is it created by your intuition?
The fear mechanism can also be seen in the large corporations, agencies, organizations, and financial banks. Any organization that has a lot of fear-based financial power instilling false security and impossible dreams in your mind thinking that you are not successful because you do not have certain x money.
too many of us are not living dreams
Keep in the mind that having a personal success does not necessarily mean having a mound of money. It can means you do not allow fears get the best of you or stop you from living your dreams.
What you fear is exactly what the fear mechanism want you to feel. What you fear is what the fear mechanism want to take advantage of to trap you indefinitely. That is exactly why I was sent on a wild philosophical ride because my belief system needs to be shaken hard to the point where the fear mechanism is no longer attached to it.
To be honest, it doesn’t mean I will be living a happy-go-lucky life because I will be dealing with fears but I am more conscious of the fear-based agenda. That knowledge will help me to recognize the fear-based triggers before getting sucked into the world of illusion.
This uncomfortable ride was a lighter I need under my butt to remember why I need to continue what I discovered more than two years ago when I began my Psychic/Tarot reading journey. My destiny was clear as crystal.
On my Facebook page, I share love-based and positive-based spiritual messages because I believe in the power of love and positivity. I also believe you have the skills, experience, wisdom, and creativity to accomplish your personal success.
Ultimately, my goal in my services as a psychic and spiritual coach is showing you how to tap into your divine gifts to break away from the fear mechanism.
Nothing is ever impossible without faith and love. With that said, it is completely safe to utilize your courage to walk away from the world you were told and create your own world of love and positivity. I know it might be difficult finding the courage to take a risk with your goals but that’s the only way you can break away from the imaginary cage of fears.
The more you move further away and inspire others with your personal success, you are on your way to creating a world of your dreams with others.
-Mina <3

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2 thoughts on “Restructuring your Belief System: Breaking Away from Fears

  1. I get it more now.

    I dropped a comment about guru worship on a page, kind of with the similar message of ‘if you see Buddha in the streets, kill him’.

    We allow these people room in the driver’s seat of our life to emulate and glean what we can from them. The loss of them can hurt but we ultimately are coming back to ourselves, finding our truths and path for walking.

    Even those far extended on their own path are not us and while they can bring amazing gifts that help us grow, they are not ourselves. At the end of the day becoming who we are on our own path is greater than our enlightened teachers and their path.

    The death of an ideal creates an opportunity for growth. Nice that you moved with it rather than attack against it. 🙂

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