The Courage to Love Again

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It doesn’t have to be that hard. It doesn’t have to hurt. It is love! Love does not hurt. The old memory associated with the love hurts because you’re afraid you will forget what love feels like. You’re afraid to let it fade from your memories.
It also means it only carry an image in your mind but nothing imprinted on a piece of paper permanently. You’re becoming sad at the fading memories and the pain replaces it. You are living with the pain for the lack of love in your life.
We all want that fairytale romance. Sure, some of it can be a reality but often, we fail to accept bad comes with the good. That’s the common problem in the failed relationships because we all want that impossible fairy tale relationship where everyone is happily after ever.
Yes, it is possible and doable but you have to be practical. You have to take personal responsibility for your actions, thoughts, emotions, and vulnerability when sharing the same space with others.
What you are feeling is what your partner also feels. You have to be mindful of your energy and how it affects the relationship. It sounds harder but it is not that hard as you think because there is a deep fear of loving again.

Any faults, flaws or imperfections you see in other partner give you an excuse to lash out at them or to walk away from the relationship without working on it. That’s an excuse for not loving again.

The more you push them away, the more you push yourself further down in the hiding place where your love is.

You must find the courage to love again because the partner needs you to be strong for them to accept love in their heart again.

You must find the courage to love again because the other partner needs you to show them what does love feels.

You must find the courage to love again because the other partner needs you to remind them of their inner beauty and love.

You must find the courage to love again because the other partner needs you to bring hope back in love.

It becomes pointless to feed into the pain and fear of love because it brings you nothing but misery. You might be rolling your eyes at the concept of the ‘hippie love’ or how love is lovely.
But listen, hiding out in the cave putting a cover over your love is pointless because then what’s the point of living? It also becomes pointless if you keep complaining or making yourself miserable for the lack of love or making excuses that no one love you or even think you’re not lovable.
Stop it right there.
That’s a whole pile of excuses for not loving again. That’s also playing at the lower vibrational energy level. You can hear the broken record screeching in the background. I mean, I get it. I totally get where you’re coming from about the fear of loving again.
Trust me. I have gone through plenty of experiences but one thing I learned (the hard way) is that love does not hurt. It doesn’t! It can be overwhelming at times when you experience the level of euphoria.
But love is beautiful. Yes, maintaining the same level of love or euphoria is exhausting at times when you are trying to find your place in the world, finding what makes you happy, building your dreams, and more life stress.
However, sharing the space with the partner you choose is a beautiful experience because you know you have someone who you can ask for their empathic support and love when you are trying to figure out where you stand in your life.
Love is a powerful energy because it is what motivates you to keep going and maintains that hope in your heart. It is like the saying, “you must take risks in life or you stop living life.”
Taking risks is very scary but exciting at the same time. You might think, “I am not strong enough to take risks then why should I take risks in love?”
Well, darling, you are worth the risk. Someone will be drawn to you. Someone will want to know who you are. Someone will not stop thinking about you. Someone will work on their inner demons just to be with you. Someone will try to be close to you as much as possible.
That is why you need to find the courage to love again. It begins with you. Express your feelings. Share your secrets that you cannot stop thinking about them, too. Tell them that you love them so much that you cannot stay away from them.
Don’t deny yourself from the opportunity to be loved again.
-Mina <3

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